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Cerritos burglary rate decreases 53 percent during past 25 years


Staff Report

The Cerritos burglary rate has decreased approximately 53 percent during the past 25 years, from the period of 1993 through 2018. The rate is inclusive of all burglaries, including residential, vehicle and business. There were 373 burglaries reported in Cerritos in 2018. That number represents a 34.7 percent reduction from the previous year and a 54.7 percent reduction from 1994, which was the peak year of burglaries with 823.

“We are delighted by this recent analysis of 25 years of data that shows a remarkable reduction in burglaries in Cerritos,” remarked Cerritos Mayor Mark E. Pulido. “Crime prevention is a priority in our City, and it is rewarding to hear that our programs and services have had a positive effect on crime.”

The City’s burglary rate fell from 435 burglaries in 2012 to 294 burglaries in 2014. These numbers represent a 32.4 percent decline. In 2014, California voters passed Proposition 47, known as The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, which reduced the classification of most “non-serious and non-violent property and drug crimes” from a felony to a misdemeanor. After the passage of Proposition 47, the City’s burglary rate steadily increased by 48.5 percent over the course of the next three years. The rising crime rate caused more members of the community to become involved in the City’s Neighborhood Watch program and various other crime prevention services, including home and business security inspections, vacation security checks, security technology and the availability of crime prevention and safety tips on the City website. These efforts resulted in a reduction of the 2018 burglary rate by 34.7 percent compared to the same period in 2017.

“Thanks to the Cerritos Sheriff’s Station, which opened in 1997, and the hard work of our Cerritos deputies and the community, our City has been able to reduce the burglary rate by a significant amount,” said Pulido. “The City encourages its residents and business owners to continue with their crime prevention efforts to help keep Cerritos safe.”

A copy of the Total Burglaries – 25-Year View (1993-2018) chart is available at safercerritos.com/crime_trends.php. For more crime prevention and safety tips, visit safercerritos.com.

  • Jas says:


    1. http://cerritos.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=09&clip_id=4250

    2. 25 years ago, Cerritos homes were not protected by the Wrath from the property preservation Commission.

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy2bZ5tvDq0

    4. 25 years ago, Cerritos was being protected under the umbrella of the Lakewood Sheriff’s, Lakewood California, response Time Was poor.
    5. 25 years ago, many cars did not have a burglar alarms, many cars did not have kill switches, and cars were being broken into left and right. Cars were a very easy to steal back then.
    6. 25 years ago, many parts of Cerritos we’re still not developed into housing tracts, so we had a lot of rural areas made it easy for burglaries.
    7. 25 years ago not many homes had a motion detector systems.
    8. 25 Yrs ago, PC/ smart phones were very primitive.
    9. Today lot of burglar alarms, motion sensor lights, outdoor lighting, lockable Gates, wrought iron grills over the windows , entitlement of a local sheriff station in to the city of Cerritos, plus local neighborhood watch groups.
    10. Today many homes are protected by private patrols and private monitoring stations
    11. Today we have extensive crime engineers specialists, DNA testing and more Me Too Laws.
    12. Today we have females on the forces, which created diversity for our protections.
    13. Today we have LED Street Lighting.
    14. Today we have many helicopters above.