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April Hunter Joins Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence Staff

April Hunter


Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has selected April Hunter to join the nonprofit organization to head the Housing First project. “We are very excited to have April join our staff,” stated Anna Conti, executive director. “Ms Hunter will be able to work with both the real estate community and victims of domestic violence to secure permanent housing and then provide Su Casa’s supportive services to the families.”

Hunter, began her career in social services over fifteen years ago as an advocate for a Rape Recovery Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. She answered crisis line calls, provided educational trainings and worked in the hospital as part of a Sexual Assault Response Team. Out of that experience, a passion was ignited and April began developing her career in social service working with non-profit organizations that offered support to those rebuilding their lives after crisis.

Hunter attended Portland State University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. She has provided advocacy, coaching and intensive case management to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, those who have experienced homelessness, incarceration and substance abuse. She has worked for domestic violence shelters, homeless housing programs and employment training programs that served those with barriers to employment. As her career evolved, she moved into program management where she has been able to utilize her experience and knowledge and develop programs that are client centered and empowerment driven.

Hunter is excited to launch Su Casa’s Domestic Violence Housing First Program, which will help survivors secure stable and safe housing and contribute to the overall well-being of survivors and children.

  • Jas says:

    Many men in the area, have had some negative issues with su casa, said facility, wants to remain an enigma and an unknown address Etc.

    Personally, had a few truckloads of high-end domestic wares and clothing for women, and Su Casa did not want to receive any items from a man. I’ve heard this many other times from other friends too in the area, they want to remain a female run organization 100% for females. Many city staffers have had the same run in with Su Casa too.

    Philosophy is okay, but we live in a era, domestic violence can hit both sexes, and both sexes must try to work together and not separate. Even one time, helped a homeless/battered women in a parking lot, she was abandoned; and Su Casa didn’t want the fire department or any man involved with the relay placement for homeless woman in to su casa. That kind of mentality, many people have no adoration to a groups such as this.

    I have lost all interest in Su Casa, plus know many other business men have negative feelings towards the institution too.

    Bottom line, bird of feather stick together, we are united states, battery hits everyone, and Su Casa needs to learn tolerance towards men.