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Cerritos residents are advised that their current annual parking permit(s) will remain valid until further notice. Notices were mailed to affected residents in late March.  

The City is in the process of migrating its current parking permit system to an online solution that will be more convenient and efficient. Residents will be notified when the City’s new internet-based parking system is available for renewing their annual parking permit(s).

For more information, contact the Community Safety Division at (562) 916-1266. 

  • Jas says:

    For the past 50 here’s, Cerritos has had this burdensome overnight parking permit, all it does is wash away families from the City, so most of the original homeowners have left the city for other cities to live in.

    Seal Beach used to have this parking ordinance and they vacated it.

    Most of the RV property owners in the city of Cerritos have left the city, because of parking permits are just too burdensome. City is left with more then 1000 vacant RV pads along SFR.

    Drive up/ down Cerritos streets, SFR driveways, are over extended in all directions, creating for staging of parked cars in the driveways, creating liabilities for 911 calls to homes.

    Voters must put this on the ballot inorder to vacate parking ordinances.

    • JMT says:

      I wholeheartedly disagree. I am in favor of the parking rules. It makes it easier for law enforcement to identiffy suspicious vehicles as well as keeps the city streets free of broken down cars and people parking their gigantic RVs on the street taking up parking from others. Drive down a street in Bellflower or Norwalk and all you see are cars lined up. What a mess. It’s not that difficult to obtain an annual permit. You obviously are a RV owner. Like the others, if you don’t like it then move.