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New York Times, CBS, and Major Media Institutionalizing America




Similar to many who have served in prison, where abuse alters behavior so a prisoner can survive, also known as institutionalization ,America’s major news organizations have created their own prison, subjecting themselves to “Trumpization.”

Worse, they are also guilty of institutional denial.

They have changed their means and methods of reporting on Trump in an effort to appease an abusive and misogynistic president – and drive ratings – then they deny they have changed.

.Last weekend was a perfect example of the “Trumpization” of the American media.

The New York Times and Face the Nation were an embarrassment; their one-on-one interviews with Trump were a complete waste of time, he lied several times to the interviewer, and the interviewer rolled over for him like a first year broadcast journalist.

Trump sat there and blurted to the anchor of CBS’ Face the Nation that the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi “was in favor of child trafficking.”

Repeat: he said the person third in line to be POTUS was trafficking children.

And the interviewer did not respond; no planned response or follow-up.

They allowed him to put out complete nonsense such as when Trump said, “Rod Rosenstein told me I am not a target of Mueller’s investigation, it has nothing to do with me.”

And the interviewer did not respond; no planned response or follow-up.

Later they shockingly allowed him to backtrack saying, “I did not talk to him (Rosenstein) directly,” with Trump realizing that his first statement could be obstruction of justice.

And the interviewer did not respond; no planned response or follow-up.

He also alluded to the Mueller Report in the interview when the report does not exist…yet.

And the interviewer did not respond; no planned response or follow-up.

Then he said that the Russia investigation is a hoax and a witch hunt even though 37 indictments have been handed down by Robert Mueller.

It was, according to the Washington Post, the 198th time Trump said the investigation was a hoax and a witch hunt.

And the interviewer did not respond; no planned response or follow-up.

After the interview, the institutional denial set in, with the giddy news organizations tweeting out that people “have to watch the Trump CBS interview, very newsy.”

And the news organizations acted the same way after the State of the Union.

They went through twelve hours of institutional denial saying, “maybe he has changed, maybe he has become presidential, maybe he has turned the corner.”

Then by Thursday he had sent out another lie-tweet, confirming the Trumpization of American media.

The media is in a state of institutional denial, they say they are covering and reporting on Trump “the best they can,” yet the “best they can” is to never ask follow-up questions.

Is the “best they can” similar to how they covered the Clinton-Trump campaign, ignoring Trump-Russia and looking at the Clinton emails that turned out to be nothing?

Thankfully, not everyone is happy, apparently there is a conversation that the coverage must be better.

Let’s hope it includes interviewers that are not guilty of Trumpization and who respond with a follow-up question.




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Therr is no Russian Collusion. The media is more of the bully than Trimp. Finally a president who fights the dumb liberal fakes news media like this paper. Glad i moved out of LA a long time ago