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Breaking news: FBI and ATF raid home in the Villages in Santa Fe Springs


FBI and ATF agents in front of the home.



HMG-LCCN  has learned that over 30 FBI and ATF agents have descended on a home in the Villages in Santa Fe Springs.

The home is located at 12777 Olive Ln.

HMG-LCCN has confirmed the house is owned Liu Bingya, Li Yanping and Bingya Liu.

Eyewitnesses are telling HMG- LCCN that the main suspect is Wei Xiu and that he owns  another house in the Villages on Elderberry and that it was reportedly purchased in cash.

Also seen was Homeland Security and officers with dogs.


Homeland security license plate can be seen on the suburban.





Officers with dogs going into the home








  • Phil C. says:

    These Asians are taking over Santa Fe Springs and the Villages. They run scam marriage businesses, use homes here for prositution, sell stolen goods and rent rooms to women to give birth here and exploit immigration laws. They pay top dollar for every house that goes up for sale. Now they even ran a crazy angry Asian John Park to the homeowner association board of directors who wants to take over the board and run for city council.

    These people destroyed Monterey Park, Rosemead, San Gabriel and now they’re coming for Santa Fe Springs. Watch out Americans!!

    • Village People says:

      I agree. Mean, vicious and vindictive people. I’m not exaggerating when I say they act like they’re native Americans and they were here first. What is it about their culture that makes them so angry. I hope they send take all this guys money and ship his ass back like this country does to Mexicans!!

      • Albyjones says:

        This whole world is corrupt with people like that, it’s really sad and I hope the all get caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • Mark says:

      These comments are racists and should be taken down. What if this was Black or Latino or other races.

    • Asian says:

      Wow, that’s pretty demeaning of you. I’m Asian and live in the villages. Our lives are no different than yours. It’s sad that in this century there are still bigots like you that exist. Please tell me your ethnicity and let me post a terrible comment about your “kind.” I bet you’d be too ashamed to share that.

    • Bruce says:

      I can see your point to generalize about these “Asians”. However I am deeply disturbed about these questionable comments referring about a race or ethnicity attributing to immoral or criminal type behaviors. I am a retired US Marine Infantry Officer , oh by the way I am Asian American serving three combat tours where you people are afraid to go and face the people that want to harm our way of life. My family immigrated here legally and prospered into the American dream like most people somewhere in their family tree have the same story. I am reading a lot of people running their ignorant mouths and have no basis of what serving your county and being a fellow countryman is. Yes multiple races commit crimes but I ask as a person who sacrificed their life, yes by choice believing in this great county. I ask people stop being so closed minded with cowardly commmets and understand, “these Asians do not constitute as a generalization of all Asians. Be a bigger person and give them respect as a human being until otherwise. “No better friend, no worst enemy”

      • SMAR says:

        Thank you for your service and your wisdom.

      • Jessica says:

        Bruce, thank you for your service to our country. You are truly the braver one on this post.

        I choose to remember Dr. ML King’s spirit and choose not to defame anyone at all especially when simply based on the color of one’s skin. Its not right and I will not support it. It divides our community and is pure evil.

        Rather, let people be held responsible for their own actions and words towards one another.

      • jas says:

        Nauseated over used bias word R A C I S M …. That WORD, has become the new….SHUT UP WORD, for everybody, people need to express themselves, this is freedom of the press, and we shouldn’t prejudge anybody because of their biased opinions. Everybody’s opinion counts, and I’m very upset the right is trying to silence the left over the POORLY USED WORD OF RACISM.

        Let public vent, fuse will eventually destruct, but currently, pressure cooker is alive and explosive and protected in USA constitution.

  • The Pope says:

    I live in the Villages at Heritage Springs and I am not happy that John Park was elected to the HOA Board. He is only interested in destroying what we have worked so hard to create. I guarantee you that he is friends with the guy who owns the house raided today. They’re two of a kind in my mind. Park has lived in the community for over a decade yet never showed his face until it suited his own self-serving purpose. I understand that he is also a preacher which screams con-artist to me. Let him go preach in his own country, we don’t need his BS here or his crooked friends.

    • Happy says:

      Jon park is Korean the people being investigated our Chinese this is making no sense connecting these two

    • Poper says:

      Isn’t there a guy named Derrick Lee that’s actually Chinese on the HOA board? We should kick him out first. Seems like he was in on all this. He’s been on the board quite some time too. It could be that the entire board is crooked. I agree with you The Pope. Let’s kick out the current board and “drain the swamp“ as they say. Enough of this crooked BS

    • Disgusted by these residents at the villages says:

      Your comments are absolutely disgusting and disturbing! What you are doing to this board member that volunteers his time is defamation of character based on you being a follower. More than likely you are speaking for someone and to express such disdain towards a person and culture is quite ignorant on your behalf and you should be ashamed of yourself!
      This is not the forum nor is it the proper way to address your concerns. And to publicly shame and name a person is unacceptable and I’m sure there could be legal action taken.
      It’s a shame that you turn to such low measures to meet your agenda and hide behind such a false name as you are aware of your wrongdoing. Shame on you.

  • How in the world are you guys equating the raid on a house by FBI and ATF Agents to your respective HOA with no back ground information supporting this. Silly. Sounds like Ron and his shenanigans once again.

  • Jesus says:

    When I first heard of the raid I hoped it was taking place at the home of the HOA President. Seems like there’s plenty of corruption and illegal activities going around the Village.

    • Christ says:

      Hoping is one thing but the reality is that didn’t happen. Out of all the ridiculous comments I’ve read here this might take the prize as the most ignorant. It must feel awful suffering from such envy?

      • Superman says:

        Ha how ignorant are YOU? Why would anybody in their right mind be envious of guy who is lambasted by LA Times. Just google his name and you can see he is the joke of the town. You can be his sidekick and run head first into concrete. Show us how it’s done. Sooo envious of his Superman abilities.

        • Christ says:

          Definition of “obsessed”..stalking, googling? Let it go, you’re looking like a desperate Superman wannabe?

        • Superman says:

          Oh look. A minion. Seems someone is envious now.

        • Jose says:

          This ‘christ’ guy is a clown

        • John Rodgers says:

          I think Jesus is President of another board at the Villages who is upset by his miserable life and has to take it out on someone else. Or it could be the Strickland’s? Please people get a life and stop trying to bring people down. Your lives are not perfect.