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In November 2018, the ABC Unified School District finally passed a much needed infrastructure bond to replace the District’s aging facilities.

One of the requirements of the bond was to establish  an oversight committee that will monitor activities such as finance, progress and hiring practices while ensuring transparency at all levels.

The District is now accepting applications from residents who reside in and who are active members of organizations within the District for the committee.

Committee members must be a parent or guardian of a student in the district; a parent or guardian of the student in the district and active in a parent teacher organization such as PTA or a school site council, a member of a bona fide taxpayers association; a member of a business organization within the District; or a member of a senior citizens organization in the district.

Two at-large members of the community who also be chosen.

ABSUSD Board President told HMG-LCCN, “The oversight committee will be one of our watchdogs to ensure that the monies entrusted to the District are spent on what the voters wanted and that the monies are spent efficiently and effectively.  They will be an important part of the process to ensure the success of our Facilities Master Plan.”

Interested parties can obtain more information or an application on the District’s website ABCUSD.US or call the Superintendent’s Office at 562-926-5566, extension 21162.

Applications are due by February 15, 2019 by 4:30 p.m.

  • jas says:

    Pray that the trustees of the school district, appoint top CEOs, top Architects and top contractors, to fill these positions.

    Appointees cannot be about race, sexism. This cannot be about appointing friends, this has to 100%, Top Residents in our district, if not, please look outside our district, as the district does not have the housing element for our top performers…..

    Sidebar: When are we going to start electing personalities, most trustees are so bland and void of personality?