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Dec. 31 – Jan. 6 Cerritos Sheriff’s Station Crime Report 

Saturday Jan 12, 2018



Two suspects entered a clothing store at the Los Cerritos Center Dec. 31 while it was open for business, took several items, and exited the store without paying for the items. The suspects were stopped outside the mall, a  struggle ensued, and the sheriffs were able to detain and arrest the suspects.



On Jan. 3 at Carmenita and Beach an unknown victim was driving their car when suspect threw a metal object at the windshield causing the glass to break and hit the victim with glass. Cerritos Sheriffs located the suspect and arrested him later.

Residential Burglary


Four residential burglaries occurred during the week: Jan. 4, on the 12400 block of Pine Creek Road the rear sliding door was shattered with valuables and electronics taken;  Jan. 3, 10700 block Carnaby St. sliding door entered, unknown items taken; 19500 block Sheryl Ave. suspect went through open rear window and took valuables; Jan. 1, 13200 block of Destino Place, suspect went through rear sliding door nothing was taken; Jan. 1, 12600 block Misty Pl. suspect went through rear window unknown items taken.


On Dec. 31, electronic scooters were taken from a warehouse on the 14100 block of 183rd St., suspect entered a side door;  Jan. 5 suspects entered front door, took a safe with currency from a restaurant on the 10700 block of South Street.

Grand Theft

Jan. 3 a purse was taken inside a restaurant on the 11300 block of South Street; on Jan. 4  suspect stole items from an electronics store at Los Cerritos Center and left in a Silver Jeep Cherokee; Jan. 1, clothing was taken from a shoe store inside to Los Cerritos Center.

Grand Theft Auto

Three vehicles were stolen in the area; one from the 18600 block of Gridley Road; another from  a residence located on the 12400 block of Rancho Vista Drive; and a third from a residence on the 11400 block of Stapleton Court.

Vehicle Burglary

Windows were shattered on a Jeep Patriot and a purse was stolen on the 13200 block of 166th street.

Compiled by LCCN, the Cerritos Sheriffs stress that this is preliminary information, the data is not final and subject to change.

  • jas says:

    CERRITOS | burglary Crime Data………

    Cerritos Sheriff’s offers a new Option, Crime Statistics Data: Most residential burglaries occur on Corner properties.

    Most residential burglaries occur when the driveway is empty of cars.

    Most residential nighttime burglaries occur when there is no lights on the interior or exterior.

    No residential burglaries occur at night time, when the outdoor front-back-side yards lights are on all night long.

    Most homes which are burglarized, following rooms are ransacked: Master bedroom & closet and in-suite master bedroom bathroom stacked.

    Least ransacked rooms: garage-laundry room- attic and kitchens butler’s pantry.

    Homes adjacent to river beds and flood controls, do not have an increase spike in burglaries.

    Decrease in residential burglaries: Alarms and Security cameras.

    Almost no residential burglaries when a dog is present.

    Huge decrease in residential burglaries when home has multiple locked gates.

    Low rate of burglaries, when residents are home or home invasion burglaries.

    Most burglaries are entered in to from ground floor.

    Most burglars do not carry gun. Yes, we have unarmed burglars.

    Most burglaries take only small items and not moving vans full of goods.

    Almost 50:50% ratio of daytime/night time burglaries.

    Most residential burglars are smashing glass doors- windows.

    Most homes which have been burglarized, do not have double sided, dead bolt key locks.

    Ring Door Bell cameras are #1 video cameras purchased by Cerritos Residents.