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3 people dead, 4 injured in shooting at Torrance bowling alley


Police were searching for a gunman early Saturday after three people died in a shooting at a bowling alley near Los Angeles.

The shooting was reported just before midnight local time (3 a.m. ET), Torrance police said in a statement.

Officers and fire officials arrived at Gable House Bowl to find multiple people wounded.

  • jas says:

    Cerritos Neighbor | 3 Murdered | 3 Shot | Gable House Bowling.

    After hearing/reading about these tragic murders and shootings at the Gable House Bowl/Bar, in Torrance, California, felt compelled to write.

    Orig. owners of the Gable House is one of our former Neighbors, in Palos Verdes, Ca. and we’re also good past client decades ago.

    The story also resonates some past history about the Bowling House, as the owner’s wife was also killed years ago. She was a very close friend of ours. She was a beautiful young model out of New York, and she resembled Linda Evans on the TV show Dynasty. Orig. founder and owner of the Gable House, has deceased, he would be in his low 100’s, if living today. Model wife, died when she was young mother, in her 30’s. Her nitch in life, she love plaids/checks on anything and everything. She never cared what color of fabric, just as long as the print was plaid patterns.

    Gable House Bowling Center was originally opened in the late 1950s, shortly after the crash of the Russian crawler ship, SS Dominator, along the shores of the Palos Verdes Peninsula below Lunada Bay. Then in the 1970’s, the owner of the Gable House remarried, and built multiple luxury estate homes along the shore front of Palos Verdes Estates. SIDEBAR: SS Dominator, a freighter, ran ashore on the Palos Verdes Peninsula ( Lunada Bay ) in the South Bay area of … The ship was originally the American Liberty ship Melville Jacoby, built … a cargo of wheat and beef, when she ran aground off Palos Verdes, California. … I can remember hiking down, thru ocean cliffs and weeds, to view the ship wreck. Small fragment of the ship can still be seen today.

    Gable House Bowling Center, was only a part of the successful Dynasty held by the owners. They had multiple oceanfront homes in Palos Verdes, also a ranch in Palm Springs Valley, vacation home in Northern California along with a yacht. That is where his model wife met her death upon vacation partying on the yacht.

    The owners of the Gable House, today is owned by the immediate family Heirs to the Gable House, they were a blended family from multiple marriages. One of the sons is a famous race car driver who also resides in Palos Verdes, and many people have seen him on the race car circuit. Today, another son, is CEO of the vast bowling enterprises.

    These PV neighbors, founder of Gable House Bowling/ Bar, family was very well-to-do, luxury motorhomes, Mercedes, limousine, equestrian, multiple swimming pools at their home, and gave very lavish political- tent parties, which I attended many times, and was staffed with FBI to patrol the compounds during these lavish tent parties. Their home was a family home and so was the Bowling center, many students from the South Bay, enjoyed hanging out at the center.

    Many of the homes in (Cerritos-Cypress-La Palma) have something in common with the next door neighbor to the past (Dec.) owner Gable House, Neighbors were a cabinet maker, and most of the S&S homes/Warmington homes in the greater Dairy Valley, are created and manufactured by this person. Later, the cabinets were manufactured built/ assembled for high-end properties in West Los Angeles, and in the San Fernando Valley. Another PV neighbor, to the owners of the Gable House, was a high-end luxury floor company business, and many of the homes in Greater Dairy Valley, which required high-end floor coverings; during the original built out stages of these homes, were purchased/ installed by this said neighbor to the Gable House.

    Shortly after the Gable House opened up in Torrance near intersection of Hawthorne Boulevard and Sepulveda Boulevard; across the street from Del Amo Mall, another one of his PV ocean front neighbors, opened up a famous shopping center which was the spin-off from JC Penney store called the Treasury. So. Bay Treasury, was built on the west side of the famous Del Amo Mall, home to Bullock Wilshire, I Magnins, etc. The owners of that store have sold it and has been redeveloped into a shopping center and restaurants, but the original owner of that Treasury property is still alive, Centurions; resides in Newport Beach, California. They are also the developers of one of the most famous hotels in Beverly Hills.

    When living in Cerritos/ Dairy Valley, many times, Bowling leagues chose the Gable House to have statewide champion Bowling leagues, and many players were from: Cerritos, La Palma, Hughes aircraft employees, Rockwell, GM, and Boeing aircrafts, ABCUSD, Police- Fire Unions, enjoyed playing at the Gable House, and also eating at the adjacent smorgasbord restaurant, sitting in front of the Gable House Bowling……. it was a true white tablecloth Dinner House, enchanted with Fine Foods and candlelight dinners. Just this year, Christmas Card Exchanges, older friends, spoke very highly of the Gable House Bowling and Bar. Many old time school alumni, still use this place for kindling friendships. Bowling Center had a back lounge, which hosted ghosted gambling, etc….Oh, Oh, ……..the stories which could be told by the mice in the corners, lot of famous stories were born from this bar lounge, including many stories from Torrance- Manhattan Beach Policepersons. Owners of the Gable House, used police for chauffeurs of the limo/RV Bus.

    Today, Cerritos assistant city manager, Kathy Matsumoto, former sheriff caption, Keith Swensson also reside in Palos Verdes, along with some contractors the city has used for services. Founder of Maj. Medical Insurance Carrier, home office is in Cypress, Ca. were also friends of the founder of Gable House and resided in tawny Rolling Hills, Palos Verdes Penn. (Dec.) Deane Dana, Jr. was a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, also were neighbors, until his death in Torrance, Ca. Many celebrities were neighbors to the owner of Gable House in PVE and enjoyed scenic views of Santa Monica Bay and Malibu Penn in the rear. Another neighbor was the creator of Mattel’s ET Doll/ EXTRA TERRESTRIA and million dollar movie which followed this famous doll.

    After reading about this tragedy, residents of the city of Torrance will move on, it’s a strong diversified City, it’s a major city in Los Angeles compared to Long Beach, life will move on. Purposely have left many names as ghost characters, am writing this story, to educate readers about rich history and not to gossip or defame names.