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TWO LOCAL RESIDENTS were seen by HMG-LCCN Distribution Manager Eddie Garcia picking up LCCN  last Friday in the area of homes behind and across from  former HMG-LCCN offices at Artesia and Shoemaker. The theft comes after a threatening hashtag was posted on Facebook by Cerritos residents Sam Desai and Jane Yim. Their posts were followed by several insulting posts against HMG-LCCN, a threatening phone message and now thievery of the print newspaper which is petty theft. Anyone with information on these two woman can email LCCN at [email protected] or call LCCN at 562.407.3873.


Friday Jan. 4, 2018

Cerritos residents sunk to the level of criminal absurdity last week, resorting to stealing Los Cerritos Community Newspapers (LCCN) from resident’s driveways in a pitiful attempt to prevent people from reading the popular weekly newspaper.

During his normal delivery time on Friday Dec. 28, long-time HMG-LCCN Distribution Manager Eddie Garcia observed two women walking their dogs, picking up the LCCN and placing them in a trash bag.

“It was kind of pathetic,” said Garcia, they were trying to walk their dogs and drag the trash bag at the same time, they were not in the greatest of shape.”

The thieves were taking papers inside the area directly behind and across the street from LCCN’s old offices on Artesia and Shoemaker.

Several residents in the area called LCCN to complain that they did not receive their paper, a surprised Garcia was sent to the area to re-deliver and found the ladies.

“Those areas have very loyal readers,” said Garcia, “they always wave at me thanking me for delivering the paper, they knew something was wrong when they did not get the paper at the normal time.”

The theft of the newspapers can be classified as petty theft, under California Penal Code Section 484(a) and California Penal Code Section 488 PC.

For petty theft of property valued below $50, a prosecutor has the discretion to charge the crime as a misdemeanor or an infraction resulting in a fine of up to $250.

“This is the level they have sunk to,” said LCCN Publisher Brian Hews, “they are doing this because I took a stand in my newspaper to defend the Cerritos City Council’s 4-1 decision to give free library cards to Bellflower Unified students.”

“So they resort to crime and stealing my newspaper, it shows you what kind of people they are. Just like Cerritos residents Sam Desai and Jane Yim who hide behind their keyboards posting on social media all day. They actually started a threatening hashtag with my last name, and guess what? I got a threatening phone call last week. I am ready to prosecute everyone, including Desai and Yim, to the fullest extent of the law.”

Click below to hear phone call CAUTION graphic language.


If you recognize the women in the picture you can call  562.407.3873 anonymously or email [email protected].

If you live in Cerritos and see people picking up the paper please call 562.407.3873 or call Eddie Garcia at 562.200.2273.
















  • jas says:

    Got a laugh out of reading this story.

    One time at city council meeting, the Catholics were to blame for stealing newspapers, they were using the newspapers, to wrap their dead fish on Fridays, and another time somebody complained about the people stealing a newspapers, were all dog owners, they use the newspapers to hit their dogs and to wrap the dog waste while walking.

    Another Republican candidate stated, newspapers were used by the poorest democrats living in the city, they use the newspaper for automobile oil blotter on the driveways.

    This city is really reaching all time lowest level of basement character possible. Just look at Cerritos Properties, residents can not even maintain their homes to industry standards, but would rather spend their last penny on cars, then their homes. Basement dwellers are really part of the norm in this city. Your 2 photos posted, are prime example, why the city has to spend $1M dollars for code enforcement. Photos speak million words.

  • FtheWDN says:

    This is funny, the drama, the danger, from an irate call. When I was a teen I took calls at the Register, missed papers etc…. People got a lot more unhinged back in the day if the didn’t get their Mervyn’s ad on Monday. There was no threat here as far as in a legal sense re: PC 422, but thanks for a good laugh.

    I’m retired now, maybe I will go out and see if the Sarega’s do the same thing in La Mirada, and take pics. LOL.