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Fire Engulfs Cerritos Home, Emergency Personnel Limit Blaze to Second Story

Thursday Dec. 27, 2018 12:19 pm


A house on the 18000 block of Stephanie Ave. in Cerritos caught fire last night, no one was injured. Emergency personnel from Los Angeles County Fire Department Stations 30 and 115 responded at 7:33 pm and joined in fighting the fire, limiting it to the second floor.

The home is owned by the mother of entertainer singer Ranella Ferrer who’s entire family is very talented.

Ranella’s mother owns a bakery, her younger sister is the first Asian Curve Model for American Eagle, Swimsuits for All and can be seen on Times Square Billboard, her other younger sister is a former Ms. Philippines USA Beauty Pageant Queen and Ranella is a professional singer for the Lakers, Clippers and also appears on Revenge body by Khloe Kardashian on E! Network.




  • jas says:

    First thing that comes to my mind is a heater fire, a lot of heaters are older in the city, and they’re worn out , or their filters are plugged and they overheat the system and cause a fire. Some of our Heating units are in the Attic, So out of sight out of mind, and we don’t maintain them.

    Decades ago, Christmas was a common time for house fires because of cooking in the kitchen, ( grease fires) Christmas trees catching on fire, and overloaded decorations using small electrical cords, caught on fires. Burning candles also played house fires.

    Some people like to smoke in bed, and they can fall asleep in the mattress catch on fire. House across the street caught on fire, they had a faulty electrical heating blanket, and it burnt the master bedroom. Another neighbors chimney caught on fire, birds nest located in bricks, caught fire and smoked the upstairs bedrooms.

    Another home down the street, their kitchen caught on fire, their gas burning stove is too close to a kitchen towel, and it caught on fire and burned cabinets in the kitchen.

    Many outdoor kitchen patio BBQ catch on fire, squirrels eat the wiring and when the rotisserie is cooking, catch on fire.

    Political family home in Cerritos burned, faulty electrical wires in the parked car in the garage, burning the garages and part of the homes.