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December 21, 2018 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

  • jas says:

    CERRITOS | Veterans Memorial TREE | crashes to Rubble.
    Iconic 50 Years old Ficus Nitida crashes to its death.

    Cerritos Veterans Memorial tree crashes, which was cherished landscape, during so so many successful civic center gatherings.

    Located at Civic Center, large ficus tree , located on the North West corner of 183rd/ Carmenita Street , broke at the soil line and crashed to the ground. Tree was aprox. 50 Yr old. It was a large tree approximately 50 ft tall, and maybe 75 ft wide. Said tree was moved to this location, during a city Park renovation, aprox in yr 2000.

    Tree was moved to this last location, poss. during construction of : Sculpture Garden, Liberty Park of Cerritos Park East. Tree was boxed and airlifted to this last location, before it death.

  • jas says:

    Greater Dairy Valley | Auto Triangle: Downey-Cerritos-Irvine-Buena Park | Some Located in to Cerritos Auto Mall.

    Downey was always the home to many new car dealerships. Today Cerritos Auto Mall, has stolen and taking that position> (between Downey/Cerritos), one time Bellflower was a home to a lot of new car dealerships too. Here is a list of some of the car dealerships I remember very well, and some of the cars the brokers sold thousands of.

    Few Long Beach dealerships moved in to Cerritos Auto Mall, Many Downey dealerships, moved to Cerritos Auto Mall, but many dealers have closed shop too: Daihatsu cars, Datsun renamed to Nissan; Mercury, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn, Sterling cars.

    Browning dealerships from Long Beach, moved in to Cerritos. Back in the 70’s, I was employed by M/M Browning ( senior) , when he purchased his home in Palos Verdes- Rolling Hills Gated HOA. Today, Browning son has private Corvette Museum in Cerritos, plus purchased the Astor Museum.

    Salta dealerships from Long Beach, never moved to Cerritos, nor Downey to my knowledge.. Yestyears, have worked for many of the Salta Family in greater Long beach areas. Salta passed away in Palm Springs, Ca.

    Moon Datsun, moved from Cypress, Ca. ( Home Depot Pad) to Cerritos Auto Mall.

    Suburban Pontiac moved from Bellflower, to Cerritos Auto Mall and name change to Victory Pontiac- GM-Buick.

    Flababoe Mercury left Bellflower to poss. its new home in Irvine.

    #A) Rambler | which was on the South side at Firestone across the street from Stonewood Shopping Center. No longer here.

    #B-#C) Sacks & Sons Lincoln Mercury and Downey Ford | They sat on opposite sides of Lakewood Boulevard / Gallatin Rd., the south side of the 5 Freeway:

    Continental Suicide Doors, XR7, Mustang, Thunderbirds, Galaxy Hardtop Convertible, Electric Rear Window.

    Some Fords were made in nearby city of Pico Rivera, Ca; but closed, laying off thousands of employees in Socal.

    #D)Paramount Chevrolet, Southeast corner of Paramount Boulevard and Firestone:

    Corvette, Corvair, Impala SS/ Custom, Caprice.

    Some GM were made in nearby city of South Gate, Ca; but closed, laying off thousands of employees in Socal. Don’t think Caddys were made there. One of my cousins was employed here and got to tour the assembly line off of Century, more towards the western end of South Gate, Ca.

    #E)-Roc Curti/ Frahm Pontiac | Firestone Blvd, north of All American Market and west of Old River School Rd. They had 2 locations:

    Renaults, Grand Prix, Firebird, GTO.

    #F)-Cadillac | Use car lots | Firestone blvd, Garfield, North side of Rd. | Think this may have had split addresses: South Gate-Downey.

    Used Deville City.

    #G)-Bob Spreen Cadillac | 605 and Florence, south side of Gemco, completed after the 605 freeway opened.

    El Dorado, Convertible.

    #H)-Simpson Buick | 2 locations: Firestone Blvd, south side of Mimmi Café. Today they are located in Garden Grove & Buena Park:

    Riviera and Electra 225.

    #I)-Nowlings Oldsmobile | Firestone, south side of Harveys:

    Toronado, 98 Series

    #J)-Honda-| Norms Honda, was adj. to the Tahitian Village Restaurant and Hotel in Downey, located in Cerritos Auto Mall:

    Intro of Honda Cycles/ cars.

    • jas says:


      Moon Datsun, moved from Cypress, Ca. ( Home Depot Pad) to Cerritos Auto Mall. Remember, the owners of Moon Datsun also had Sun Datsun in Lakewood (Bellflower/South); remember the radio gingle: “I have the Sun in the morning and the Moon at night”…

      TED GREEN CHEVROLET- Had a clever slogan on radio, save weeks pay, and drive to Ted Green Chevrolet!!!!

      Then Cerritos Auto Mall started to run countless of slogan on TV/Radio, to compete.