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2018 Election Results: ABC’s BB wins; Archuleta rolls, Hawaiian Gardens has three new candidates; Manalo out in Artesia, Chacon and Apodaca win handily

It was an interesting night for local politics, with 100% of the vote in the ABC Unified School District was finally able to pass a badly needed  infrastructure bond,the first since the 1990’s. The bitter battle between mostly Cerritos residents who opposed the measure, and proponents of the bond got very dirty, with opponents once again outright lying on social media and in their campaign materials. One person established three fake facebook pages to battle the bond, and he does not own a house in Cerritos but his name rhymes with Duhsai.

ABC bond election results

Yes 11,569 55.85%
No 9,145 44.15%


In other election results, Hawaiian Gardens gained three new young candidates, and with the vitriolic “Pastor” Barry Bruce gone, the Council meetings should be less of a sexual harassment misogynistic affair.

Gone too is the Bruce crony, incumbent Marianna Rios.

Hawaiian Gardens Results

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Jesse Alvarado (N) 916 22.37%
Monica Rodriguez (N) 890 21.73%
Luis Roa (N) 841 20.54%
Mariana Rios (N) 650 15.87%
James “Jimmy” Eldred (N) 412 10.06%
Alba Bac (N) 386 9.43%


Speaking of Hawaiian Gardens, locally born and raised A. Veronica Sauceda won her Judge bench. Sauceda went to elementary and middle schools in HG and graduated from Artesia High.

Judge of the Superior Court Office No. 4
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
A. Verónica Sauceda (N) 862,021 57.51%
Alfred A. Coletta (N) 636,978 42.49%


Long-time Councilman Victor Manalo was ousted in Artesia with newby Rene Trevino taking the second spot.

Can you say 4-1?

Trevino will likely be an outsider, to win his seat, he bashed the City (which has a huge budget surplus) and lied about the Sheriff’s station crime statistics (down 30% this year); and someone might file a complaint with the FPPC for Trevino coordinating with an independent expenditure committee.


Artesia results

Ali S. Taj (N) 1,338 22.23%
Rene J. Trevino (N) 1,307 21.72%
Melissa Ramoso (N) 1,206 20.04%
Victor Manalo (N) 1,084 18.01%
Dennis Drulias (N) 1,083 18.00%


State Senate 32

Former Pico Rivera Mayor Bob Archuleta rolled over his opponent Rita Topalian in the heavily Democratic district, he will be taking the seat from former Montebello Mayor Vanessa Delgado.

Delgado spent millions to lose her Montebello seat only to sit in the Senate for three months and not do anything, kind of like Asm. Cristina Garcia, not very good planning on Delgado’s part.

State Senate 32 Results

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Bob J. Archuleta (D) 109,628 65.36%
Rita Topalian (R) 58,110 34.64%


Central Basin Division 3

Long time Director/President Art Chacon beat his opponents by a 2-1 margin, overcoming deadbeat Leticia Vasquez’ endorsement of Servando “I did not money launder” Ornelas.

Ornelas raised $50,000, but $41,000 was a “personal loan,” Ornelas makes $85,000 in regular pay as a Probation Officer.

Deadbeat Vasquez has postponed the hearing to grant HMG-LCCN Publisher’s Brian Hews’ attorney’s fees three times since her humiliating loss in court in a frivolous defamation case filed by her and her attorney/husband Ron (one lawyer law firm) Wilson and their Crenshaw Crony Nana Gyamfi, who was suspended twice for two years and “significantly harming a client.”

Deadbeat Vasquez’ endorsement might have been the kiss of death for the young Ornelas, who apparently did not know Vasquez was recalled from Lynwood City Council in 2007 for misusing public funds and (wait for it) raising water rates.


Division 3 results

Arturo Chacon (N) 15,260 49.07%
Servando Ornelas (N) 8,611 27.69%
Diana Santiago Bagne (N) 7,230 23.25%


Central Basin Division 5

Like Chacon, long-time Director/President Bob Apodaca rolled his opponents by a 2-1 margin, once again fighting off deadbeat Vasquez’ attempt to pack the board with young dumb directors.

Like Chacon, Apodaca will be able to vote on the wage garnishment of deadbeat Vasquez once Hews’ January hearing rolls around.

Division 5 results

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Bob O. Apodaca (N) 22,496 43.33%
Alex Raul Morales (N) 15,068 29.03%
L. Hilary Barba (N) 7,571 14.58%
Max A. Ordonez (N) 6,777 13.05%


Winner of the Central Basin special election to fill Pedro “I am out of here” Acietuno’s seat was Martha E. Camacho-Rodriguez.

Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Martha E. Camacho-Rodriguez (N) 12,754 28.21%
Priscilla Flores (N) 11,881 26.28%
Robert “Bob” Tapia (N) 11,838 26.19%
Jennifer Rodriguez (N) 8,732 19.32%



Montebello had three elections: Treasurer, City Council (three seats), and School Board. Rumor is Delgado and Deadbeat Vasquez will try and run a special election next year, and establish their headquarters in the Brad Perrin Hilton and play in Barajas’ band.

City Treasurer
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Rafael Gutierrez (N) 3,766 41.26%
David E. Matanga (N) 2,744 30.06%
Joseph Sanchez (N) 2,618 28.68%

City Council
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Salvador Melendez (N) 2,800 11.67%
Kimberly Ann Cobos-Cawthorne (N) 2,736 11.40%
Art Barajas (N) 2,709 11.29%
Angie M. Jimenez (N) 2,683 11.18%
Vivian Romero (N) 2,583 10.77%
David Torres (N) 2,411 10.05%
Ashod Mooradian (N) 2,210 9.21%
Delia L. Lopez (N) 2,078 8.66%
William M. “Bill” Molinari (N) 1,944 8.10%
Rosemarie “Rosie” Vasquez (N) 1,838 7.66%


Montebello Unified School District Governing Board Member
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Marisol M. Uribe (N) 8,213 16.04%
Jennifer Gutierrez (N) 6,842 13.36%
Alejandro Ramirez (N) 6,566 12.82%
Leonard Masamichi Narumi (N) 6,051 11.82%
Cleve A. Pell (N) 5,106 9.97%
Sonia Saucillo-Valencia (N) 4,461 8.71%
Miki Moreno (N) 4,039 7.89%
Art Chavez (N) 3,974 7.76%
Michael William Lopez (N) 2,384 4.66%
Francine Gardea (N) 2,187 4.27%
Frank Thomas Morales (N) 1,390 2.71%


Norwalk-La Mirada had four seats open…

Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District Governing Board Member
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Ana M. Valencia (N) 10,194 20.53%
Jude M. Cázares (N) 8,831 17.78%
Darryl Rodney Adams (N) 8,628 17.37%
Jorge A. Tirado (N) 7,916 15.94%
Norma Amezcua (N) 7,592 15.29%
Miguel Angel Rivera (N) 6,504 13.10%

Garcia Wins, 54,000 voters hold their nose

It will be happy times in the halls of the Assembly now that Garcia is back. (Alleged) Harassment, Keg-r-rators, sex in the office, everything is back to normal.

Bell Gardens

Bell Gardens (home of the Cristina Garcia gift of $430,000)…three seats were up.

Bell Gardens City Council
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Alejandra Cortez (N) 2,078 19.82%
Marco Barcena (N) 1,924 18.35%
Lisseth Flores (N) 1,750 16.69%
Maria Pulido (N) 1,683 16.05%
Jose J. Mendoza (N) 1,658 15.82%
Andrew Leon (N) 1,390 13.26%


In Cudahy, two seats were up.
Cudahy City Council
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Blanca Lozoya (N) 735 14.32%
Jack M. Guerrero (N) 730 14.22%
Elizabeth Alcantar (N) 696 13.56%
Maria Jimenez (N) 677 13.19%
Elizabeth Rodriguez (N) 585 11.40%
Christian Hernandez (N) 557 10.85%
Baru A. Sanchez (N) 481 9.37%
Itza Sandoval (N) 387 7.54%
Cristian Markovich (N) 285 5.55%


In Downey one seat

Downey City Council, 4th District
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Claudia Frometa (N) 2,715 47.96%
Carrie Uva (N) 2,346 41.44%
Tony Hernandez-Ayala (N) 600 10.60%


In Maywood three seats…

Maywood City Council
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Heber A. Marquez (N) 1,859 24.75%
Ricardo Lara (N) 1,756 23.38%
Eduardo “Eddie” De La Riva (N) 1,610 21.44%
Diana Ruiz (N) 920 12.25%
Cesar Flores (N) 687 9.15%
Joaquin Lanuza (N) 679 9.04%


Pico Rivera upset, Armenta out, good riddance to corruption….

Pico Rivera City Council
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Gustavo V. Camacho (N) 4,757 25.78%
Raul Elias (N) 3,321 18.00%
David W. Armenta (N) 2,763 14.97%
Christine Saavedra (N) 2,711 14.69%
Erik Lutz (N) 1,941 10.52%
André Eric Martinez (N) 1,519 8.23%
Albert Lopez Ramos (N) 1,441 7.81%


El Rancho Unified had three seats up…

El Rancho Unified School District Governing Board Member
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Jose Lara (N) 6,343 27.59%
Leanne M. Ibarra (N) 4,699 20.44%
Carolyn Castillo (N) 4,158 18.09%
Adrian Michael McEachren (N) 2,939 12.78%
Lorraine De La O (N) 2,551 11.10%
Jacob A. Rodriguez (N) 2,299 10.00%


Both incumbent won their respective seats at WRD.


Water Replenishment District of Southern California Member, Board of Directors, Division 1
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Willard H. Murray, Jr. (N) 46,858 50.72%
Analilia Joya (N) 19,906 21.54%
Jabari Jumaane (N) 18,786 20.33%
Joshua L. Henry (N) 6,843 7.41%


Water Replenishment District of Southern California Member, Board of Directors, Division 4
Candidate(s) Votes Percent
Sergio Joseph Calderon (N) 44,660 55.56%
Daniel Cortez (N) 15,799 19.65%
Evelyn T. Serfozo (N) 13,356 16.62%
Anthony Perry (N) 6,569 8.17%
  • Rasish Khatri says:

    Is there any source regarding the 3 fake facebook accounts? I see no link to a news story or source for this news. Also, it is very weird to say this person’s name rhymes with “Duhsi”. What does that even mean? How do you pronounce “Duhsi” and why is this relevant?

    More interesting than the election results is this baseless news story. It is stories like this that empower people like DJT to call out biased fake news.

    Given the opinion-filled nature of this debate, the news media should not be stating whether the infrastructure upgrades are needed or not.

    Having said that, I did vote for BB, because I support the bill’s cause.

  • LM Watch says:

    What a choice voters had between pervert racist Cristina Garcia and a Trumper in a super-majority Latino district. The GOP, or an independent had a real opportunity to at least put this bitch on notice, but the GOP let a pre-ordained loser run with their full support. Idiots. They deserved to lose the house.