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Servando Ornelas accepts endorsement of Leticia Vasquez who was recalled in 2007 for misusing public funds and voting for a steep water rate hike

GOOD CHOICE?: Central Basin Director Vasquez endorsed Ornelas. Ornelas is seen here with other famous corrupt politicians-George Cole who was sentenced for his part in the Bell scandal, and convicted felon and former State Senator Ron Calderon.

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has obtained a mailer showing Central Basin Director Leticia Vasquez endorsing District 3 candidate Servando Ornelas, who is running against incumbent Art Chacon, confirming that Ornelas is working closely with a Director who remains a party plaintiff in a qui tam lawsuit that is suing the very agency she was elected to serve.

On his website, Ornelas pledges to fight “wasted tax dollar,” ignoring the fact that the the qui tam lawsuit has cost Central Basin over $1.5 million dollars.

Ornelas pledges to “fight dishonesty,” ignoring the fact that Vasquez was recalled from her Lynwood City Council seat in 2007 after Los Angeles County prosecutors charged Vasquez and others with using public funds to boost their salaries and pay for personal expenses.

Vasquez and her cronies tried to block the special election, going as far as firing the city clerk, but it did not work.

Ornelas also pledges to “fight corruption;” sources told HMG-LCCN last week that Ornelas could also working with convicted felon Angel Gonzalez, who has helped Vasquez with her own campaigns, even giving her money.

And in ironies of ironies, Ornelas pledges “to limit water rate increases;” District 3 voters should remember that Vasquez voted for a very steep water rate hike for Lynwood n 2007.

All these inconsistencies yet Ornelas is accepting the endorsement of Vasquez who has been a major force in the dysfunction of the Board since her election in 2012. Vasquez  is also under a District Attorney inquiry for not living in the district she was elected to serve, as first reported in print and video by HMG-LCCN.



The video was shot by a private investigator and showed Vasquez living at her husband’s house, Los Angeles based attorney Ron Wilson, in Baldwin Hills and not in her house in Lynwood.

Below is a small history of Vasquez’ exploits as a Director that should have voters questioning Ornelas’ choice for endorsement.


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