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BREAKING: Complaint filed with IRS demands investigation of Asm. Cristina Garcia’s ‘purchase’ of Bell Gardens home for $170,000

Asm. Cristina Garcia


Yesterday, Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper published a story about embattled Assemblywomen Cristina Garcia “purchasing”  a 3,600 square-foot home in Bell Gardens California in 2012 for only $170,000, over $453,000 less than the assessed value of the home.

The transaction was very suspicious to say the least, and included Garcia signing purchase documents using the name Maria Christina Garcia.

Records show that the former owner of the house was Daryl Warren Halpert, who reportedly did not use a realtor for the questionable transaction.

Halpert now resides in a tiny home in the remote desert county of Dayton, 23 miles east of Carson City, Nevada.

Now, HMG-LCCN has been informed that a concerned citizen who read the article has filed a complaint with the US Department of Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service asking the tax fraud agency to investigate the 2012 real estate transaction.

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous “given the retaliation Garcia has shown she is capable of,” said they filed and mailed an Informational Referral, also known as a form 3949–A with the IRS, this past Saturday November 3.



The form is used by U.S. citizens to report any instances of suspected tax fraud in the country.

Similar to a Los Angeles County District Attorney review, after the form is submitted, the IRS will determine if the submission contains specific and credible tax issues.

Translation, Garcia will be getting a phone call from the IRS about the transaction that took place concerning the Bell Gardens home.

The procedure will include research to identify the authenticity of the complaint to determine if further review is required.

The person told HMG-LCCN that they asked the investigators to look into whether the sale constituted a gift to Assemblywoman Garcia and, if it is considered a gift, whether gift tax was paid by either Halpert or Garcia as a result of the real estate transaction.

The article by HMG-LCCN was also included with the IRS complaint.




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