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Central Basin Division Three Candidate Servando Ornelas Has Ties to Ron Calderon and George Cole


By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has learned that Division 3 Central Basin Water candidate Servando Ornelas’ election campaign chose long-time political operative Yolanda Miranda as his treasurer; Miranda has strong ties to convicted felon Ron Calderon and his family.

Calderon was convicted in a sweeping corruption case, accused of taking over $100,000 in bribes. A legal defense fund was set up immediately after his indictment and Yolanda Miranda was appointed treasurer of the fund.

Her company, Yolanda Miranda and Associates, also had a long association with disgraced former Bell Mayor George Cole who was convicted in the now-infamous Bell scandal.

Ornelas has been seen in the past with both Ron Calderon and George Cole at various political functions.


Ornelas with convicted felon Ron Calderon (top) and George Cole.


In addition, sources are telling HMG-LCCN that Ornelas could be using long-time political operative and convicted felon Angel Gonzales.

When asked by text if he was using Gonzales, Ornelas replied, “I do not know who that person is.”

HMG-LCCN responded, “we did not ask you if you knew him, we asked you if he is helping you or your campaign.”

Ornelas never answered that text, or three more requesting information after that.

In 2002, Gonzales was convicted of two misdemeanor counts of sending out misleading campaign fliers; there have been six Ornelas’ campaign mailers sent containing lies about his opponent, current Central Basin Director Art Chacon.

Gonzalez was also convicted of a felony conspiracy charge — reduced to a misdemeanor at his sentencing — for sending out attack mailers with copies of fake official documents.

In addition, Gonzalez worked with convicted felon Rick Mayer coordinating Central Basin Municipal Water District Director Leticia Vasquez’ campaigns.


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Sources are telling HMG-LCCN that Vasquez could be involved in Ornelas’ campaign as Chacon and Vasquez are bitter enemies on the Board.

Commerce residents have told HMG-LCCN that six campaign pieces have been mailed to them containing out-right lies about Chacon, campaign pieces that cost at least $15,000 for every mailing.

Even though the total mailings likely cost $90,000 (six mailers x $15,000 each), Ornelas’ latest campaign finance report showed that he has raised only 50,000, $9,000 in outside donations.

The remaining $41,000 came from Ornelas.

Ornelas is a Los Angeles County Deputy Probation II Officer, according to Transparent California he earned $90,000, $86,000 regular pay and $4,000 in overtime, in 2017.