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Civil rights and noted feminist activist Delores Huerta has produced a 52-second video endorsing Cristina Garcia, the embattled Assemblywoman who is currently under an extremely suspect and one-sided Assembly Rules Committee investigation for sexual harassment and groping, with charges of harassment and verbal abuse, including calling former Speaker John Perez a “homo”, substantiated by the same Rules Committee just months ago.

The allegations from former staffers also included Garcia having sex in her office to curry political favors, drinking in her office, and playing “Spin the Bottle “ with staffers.

“This a moment we as woman need to stand up for Cristina,” Huerta proclaims, “we cannot let what happened to her, just let people forget about it, this is a moment, because she is a public official, she has been elected to office.”

It is unknown if Huerta is aware that Garcia recently walked away from a vote to classify sex crimes as felonies, while also failing to vote to prohibit those convicted of domestic violence from ever owning a gun.

“She is somebody we need, we need her voice not only in the legislature we need her voice to stand up for all woman especially those who have been bullied, no… we have to be there with Cristina.”

“The rest of us have to stand by her, because of her honesty and integrity,” said Huerta.

HMG-LCCN exclusively published an article two weeks ago that the California State Assembly investigation involving groping allegations against Garcia had morphed into a wide-ranging political influence and retaliation investigation revolving around Garcia, 65th District Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), and her husband, Fullerton Council Member Jesus Silva.

Emails into Teala Schaff for comment on the article were not returned; Schaff has apparently ceased communications with HMG-LCCN as she has not returned emails in months.

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  • Bitter Truth says:

    Who cares what Dolores Huerta says! Like all the other liberals she spins the truth to protect the guilty.

  • The Community says:

    My Political Opinion: I say by around the age of 75 and no matter how iconic a person is, their opinions & standards can dramatically shift if a younger person is extra respectful towards them during the final years of their lives….with that said, you really can’t take their opinions serious even when your heart desires.

    My Emotional Opinion: We love you Mrs. Huerta❤️

  • Concerned Voter says:

    Christina Garcia is not honest and Christina has no integrity. Christina Garcia= sleaze-ball.
    How dare Christina Garcia take advantage of the 88 year old and feeble Delores Huerta.