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Oct. 5, 2018 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community News eNewspaper

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  • jas says:

    Why is Cerritos Is One of the Best Places to Live | By CCC Frank Yokoyama.


    You eluded you came to Cerritos in 1976, yes, it was one of the Premier cities in LA/OC. Many people fled LA, to make Cerritos their home, it was a beautiful master planned Community. 100% agree with you. During that time we still had some Raw development to do, which was completed in the late 80s early 90s. At that time the city was kept up very nice, the housing element was awesome, properties were clean and immaculate.

    Then in the 90s things started to change. City needed to adopt the Property Preservation Commission in order to try to maintain and curb the code menopause of the housing element. Today, the housing element is still going downhill. Please do a check of all the rental properties in the city, they are disgrace to any City in the nation. Many look like pseudo puppy mills.

    100% agree with you, our parks are the best. They have always been meticulously maintained and updated. But on the flip side, city common areas of landscaping by the city of Cerritos, is not very good. It is embarrassment. We have a lot of dead plant material, Public Works areas, have been bruised overtime by trespassing tree roots, nothing is being repaired or replaced.

    Our shopping centers have been for the most part completely updated, most people will find it awesome. It’s just too bad we don’t have more diversity in restaurants, since the city is 40-50% approx. seniors, seniors are on strict fixed incomes, and they rely on restaurant food of yesteryears, pray we would have more Heartland of America restaurants to choose from.

    Quantitative Data: Cost of square foot homes in Cerritos is slightly less than many of the other areas with the same caliper of homes and same developers. That is nonsense. We have to do something to curb the urban menopause in residential streets, because these homes are very nice, both one stories/ two stories, but the majority of them need a tune-up. It’s very sad that we abandoned the city-wide Pride contest plus that PPC did not want to do a study session on holiday seasonal contest.

    Neighborhood watch program which has been recently launched is an excellent idea, but like anything else, it needs to be tuned to better fit the needs of the seniors and the residences. By the way, we have outgrown the senior center, and we must start looking at Reciprocating with other senior centers throughout both counties. Our senior center is stagnant compared to many other centers. Parks are declining in kids sports, but our senior center has grown to max. capacity.

    Sometimes, have to look back and analyze the data. Ordinances can be great, but they can also be restrictive and caused people to move. Bitter-sweat overnight parking permits has caused many families to vacate the city and relocate to other places, and the disgraceful attitude towards RV parking, has also bruised a lot of RV owners and they have left the city, now we have lost the tax revenue stream of RV ownership, maj. Of RV properties are vacant, we are one of the only cities, which has vacant RV parking pads. 50,000 Parking Issues yearly, states the system is broken for todays needs/wants.

    Public Charter school like Whitney can be beneficial, they can also turn off many parents and students. Many of the heartland of America parents do not want to be challenge by Whitney; they choose to either use School of choices, or they do not locate in Cerritos. We have lost a lot of transplants coming to Southern California, they don’t want their children to be pressured into the Whitney Way of Life.

    Look at the areas, where most Cerritos have fled to: Huntington Beach, Irvine, Yorba Linda. Cerritos needs to have extensive Research on this subject, to see why and how we can correct this migration out of the city.

    45 Yr Resident, Jm


    • S. Rosenberg says:

      What is a “heartland of America” parent? Is that a way of avoiding the word “white”, because that’s what it sound like to me. I don’t mean to sound snarky, I honestly never heard this term before.

      • jas says:

        Heartland of America, ia a journalist term and used widely in debates, talk shows, etc. Nothing to do with racial color. Just average folks.

        Whitewashing would be more on the lines of racial profiling or zoning.

        There is no consensus as to “where” America’s heartland is physically located. However, the American Midwest is the most commonly cited area as being the nation’s heartland, although many other places have been referred to as part of it, often extending to rural or farming regions in the great plains.[7][8] At least as early as 2010, the term Heartland has been used to refer to many so-called “red states”, including those in the Bible belt.

        According to the United States Census Bureau, the mean center of population in the U.S. in 2010 was in or around Texas County, Missouri. In 2000 it had been northeast from there, in Phelps County, Missouri. It is projected for the mean center of population to leave the Midwest and enter the Western U.S. by the middle of the 21st century.[10] (Note that when Alaska and Hawaii were admitted to the Union in 1959, the geographic center of the United States moved from Smith County, Kansas to Butte County, South Dakota.)