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Lowe’s, Parent of Orchard Hardware, Closing All Stores Nationwide

Lowe’s will close all Orchard Supply Hardware stores nationwide by February 1, the company announced Wednesday.

Orchard Supply Hardware, founded in 1931 in San José and acquired by Lowe’s in 2013, has 99 stores in California, Oregon and Florida. Lowe’s is closing the stores to focus on its core home improvement business, the company said.

Employees were told about the decision Tuesday and all stores will be open Wednesday for normal business hours. Orchard Supply Hardware stores will have store closing sales beginning Thursday with a plan for all stores to be closed by the end of the company’s fiscal year. Lowe’s will also close a distribution center in Tracy, Calif., the company said.

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  • jas says:

    ORCHARDS, Not at all surprised, tried to spin off from Bullocks Wilshire, knew years ago it would not last. Orchards carried no credit card and the store started to sell clothes, and they just did not have the inventory compared to their parent company of Lowe’s or its major competitor Home Depot, which has an established unions. Really miss the Home Depot’s Expo. That was the true Bullocks Wilshire for Home Depot style.

    Orchards garden section, reminded me of the vacated garden section at the Target and Gemco stores. Orchards patio section was above average and carried a good line of paints called Benjamin Moore, but they were pricey paints.

    Next store to vacate Cerritos before it’s even open, will be HOME GOODS, this area is just too Frugal ENVIRONMENT.

    Cerritos residents, start touring open houses on weekends in Cerritos –Artesia; most of the housing stock looks like worn out PUPPY MILLS, void of any kind of menopausal reversal. Too bad the area doesn’t even support any horticulture Nursery such as Armstrong or whatever, as real buyers in this area all have to drive out to the Home Depot in Yorba Linda in Savi Ranch, off the 91 freeway to really visit an organized Home supplies store, plus employee disabled salespeople, which no stores in the s city of Cerritos does not employ. No one in Cerritos employs handicappers or impaired. Yorba Linda sales tax is aprox 25% cheaper compared to pricey Cerritos/ Los Angeles Co.

    Shamefull day, Cerritos and La Palma have learning centers on almost every street corner, and we still have some of the ugliest worn out homes in the county, yet, driveway are staged with hi end luxury cars, as property owners are most worried about driving their wealth, compared to preserving their properties and RV properties.

    Cerritos shoppers support Yorba Linda Home Depot, Cerritos Sears and La Palma La Capilla., both are some of the longest standing business in ye olde Diary Valley.


  • jas says:

    — Yet another chain is closing its doors in Cerritos. This time it’s the Orchard Supply Hardware, which is closing every story in California by early next year, its parent company Lowe’s announced.

    The closure of the Cerritos store on South Street is a sign of the times for brick and mortar stores struggling to compete against giants such as Amazon. On Thursday morning, Sears announced the closure of 46 more stores including a K-Mart in Los Angeles. In announcing the OSH closures, Lowe’s said Wednesday it wants to “focus on its core home improvement business.”

    The Southland will lose at least two dozen OSH stores.

    “While it was a necessary business decision to exit Orchard Supply Hardware, decisions that impact our people are never easy,” Lowe’s President/CEO Marvin Ellison said. “We will be providing outplacement services for impacted associates, and they will be given priority status if they choose to apply for other Lowe’s positions.”

    It was unclear exactly how many workers will be affected by the closures.

    Ellison said closing the OSH stores is part of an overall streamlining plan. He said the company is “developing plans to aggressively rationalize store inventory, reducing lower-performing inventory while investing in increased depth of high-velocity items. Exiting Orchard Supply Hardware and rationalizing inventory are the driving force behind the changes to Lowe’s Business Outlook.”

    OSH was founded in San Jose in 1931 as a co-op among ranchers to purchase farm supplies. But the company eventually morphed into a general hardware store. OSH was purchased in 1996 by Sears, but in 2012 Sears moved it into a separate business that went into bankruptcy.

    Lowe’s purchased the chain out of bankruptcy.

    Clearance sales are expected to begin at most OSH locations as early as Thursday.