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EXCLUSIVE: HMG-LCCN Obtains Partial Candidate List for Albert Robles’ Vacant Water Replenishment Seat


Wednesday Aug. 15, 2018 9:45 a.m.

Interviews begin this week for the WRD Division V seat left open by the resignation of Albert Robles with the advertised vacancy drawing out the “best” candidates in Los Angeles politics.

HMG-LCCN has learned that the list includes Central Basin Municipal Water District Division IV Director Leticia Vasquez, Compton City Councilman Isaac Galvan, former Downey Mayor Luis Marquez, and current Pico Rivera Councilman David Armenta.


CANDIDATES: From (l-r) Leticia Vasquez, Isaac Galvan, David Armenta, and Luis Marquez.


WRD Division V encompasses the cities of Bellflower, Carson, Compton, Downey, La Habra Heights, Norwalk, Paramount, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, and Whittier.

In 2016, District Attorney Jackie Lacey filed for leave to sue Robles under incompatible office statutes, also known as quo warranto.

The lawsuit alleged that holding the job of mayor and director of the water agency at the same time was a conflict of interest and violated state law.

The civil complaint alleged the two positions were “incompatible because the WRD and the city of Carson have overlapping territory, duties and responsibilities, and a clash of duties is likely to arise in the exercise of both offices simultaneously.”

Robles lost the lawsuit and was forced to resign his WRD seat.

The Candidates

With Galvan, an immediate conflict of interest exists; WRD Division Four Director Sergio Calderon worked for Galvan as his liaison in the past and will likely be forced to recuse during final voting.

Also, if Galvan was appointed,  he would be in the same position as Robles; Galvan is a City Councilman in Compton, part of Division V.

Many observers HMG-LCCN spoke to were scratching their heads about Central Basin’s Leticia Vasquez. Her term at Central Basin does not end until 2020 and the annual earnings at the two public agencies are roughly the same. Her exploits at the Commerce-based water agency have been well-chronicled.

Vasquez is serious about the appointment, submitting twelve endorsement letters. One was from Bob Apodaca’s common law wife Caroline Medrano and another strangely from David Armenta. The other letters were submitted by:

  • Charles D. Smith, President IBEW Local 76
  • Alan Shanahan, Executive President, AFSCME 1902
  • Emma Sharif, Compton City Council
  • Gloria Gray, Director, West Basin Water
  • Pete Ramiez, Director, Pico Water District
  • David Garcia, Director, Pico Water District
  • Sylvia Ballin, Mayor, city of San Fernando
  • Salvador Alatorre, Lynwood City Council
  • Glen Peterson, Director, Las Virgenes MWD
  • Randy Record, former MWD Board member

Luis Marquez served on city council in Downey with a stint as Mayor, and was constantly at odds with many on the council, including former Mayor Mario Guerra.

Guerra accused Marquez of failing to fulfill his campaign promise of donating his monthly council stipend to charity.

Guerra told HMG-LCCN in 2014, “Marquez made many campaign promises which he did not keep. He owes over $38,000 dollars, he has sat on the council now for six years has yet repay his debt.”





HMG-LCCN also exclusively reported in 2016 that a paternity lawsuit was filed by Maribel Zavala against Marquez.



Downey Councilman Luis Marquez Used Political Power to Influence Girlfriend Who Filed Paternity Lawsuit Against Him



Armenta has long been a lightning rod in Pico Rivera. His latest controversy, exclusively reported by HMG-LCCN, involved an attempt to fire Pico Rivera City Manager Rene Bobadilla because Bobadilla refused to change to a vendor Armenta favored.



Pico Rivera City Manager Bobadilla to be Terminated for Refusing to ‘Change’ City Vendor



Armenta had cobbled together three votes to fire Bobadilla; himself, Bret Tecero, and El Rancho Unified School teacher Greg Salcido. Salcido was lambasted throughout the nation for his rant calling all people in the military, “dumbshits and lowest of the low.”

The interviews will begin this week at the WRD offices, with an appointment by Aug 31.




  • Tony the Tiger says:

    Wow..the creme of scum! Each are textbook defintions of crooked and despicable career politicians. Each have terrible reputations as con-artists and kick-back kings (and one queen).

    Actually, I wouldn’t expect anyone else but one of these four to replace the Master of Corruption Lit’ Al Robles. WRD has long been a polluted cesspool with the like of Robles, Sergio Calderon and Willard Murray. It’s interesting that the only two ethical ones on that board are the two white guys, Katherman and Allen, but naturally there’s no “white” guy seeking an appointment?