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July 13, 2018 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • jas says:

    Confederate Flag….Pg 11.

    Joe Ryans, Confederate flag saga, on Via Montemar, PVE, reminds me of the flag protest for the 60-70’s Vietnam War era: black flag ( prisoner of war / missing in action ) POW/MIA, which was displayed on a private residence front yard on PVDW, above Lunada Bay, 30-50 + yrs ago.. It was displayed on the property of a pink SFR, with circular brick driveway and guest cottage in the rears. Extensive PVECC meetings of protest, followed by decades of pricey litigation. Today, parents of POW/MIA are both deceased and the home has changed owners.

    That time, there was protest by the peninsula residents, for more than a few years , extensive court ligation, well, flag prevailed and stayed. There was a lot of nonsense of protests over that black flag and it reminds me of the protest over the todays Confederate flag. . Said flag is not doing any harm !!! Let it be.

    Massage the word racist, let face it, racism can pour over everything in life, not only freedom of speech, but many other articles of the constitution.

    Yesteryears, had quite a few friends that lived on Via Montemar, and one of them was one of the founders of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Montemar has some outstanding views of Santa Monica Bay and coastlines of Malibu.