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Hews Media Group-Community News Captures Two Los Angeles Press Club Awards


Staff Report

Hews Media Group-Community News captured two awards at the 60th Annual Southern California Media Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Los Angeles Press Club held June 24th at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.

HMG-CN has now won fourteen awards in the past six years including Best Investigative Newspaper in Los Angeles in 2012, 2014, and 2015. HMG-CN placed second in the same category in 2013 and 2016.

HMG-CN Publisher Brian Hews was nominated in the categories of Best Investigative Series and the prestigious Journalist of the Year.

Sports Editor Loren Kopff was nominated in the Sports category.

There were over 1,400 entries this year, a record for the annual event.

L.J. Williamson of the Daily Journal won Best Investigative category for Controversy has arisen over Antelope Valley head deputy DA’s handling of pleas.

HMG-CN Publisher Hews placed second for Dark Money Influencing La Mirada City Council Race.

This was the sixth award in the Investigative category for Hews and HMG-CN in the past six years.

Jon Regardie of the Los Angeles Downtown News took home the prestigious Journalist of the year with Hews placing second.

“It was a honor just to be nominated for an award,” said Hews, “congratulations to all the winners.”

The 61st annual Los Angeles Press Club Awards will be held in June 2018 once again at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel.


  • Mike Simpfenderfer says:

    Congratulations! Some will use darkness to hide the truth. You provided the light needed for the truth to shine through! No mercy upon those who steal from the taxpayers!

  • LM Watch says:

    Congrats once again Mr. Hews.

    That series was an eye-opener for residents of the city and quashed the image of Sarega as a clean-cut Christian protecting the people as a police, officer wanting to give back to the community that bore him.

    It’s very clear Sarega and father Ion/John/Nelu (our whatever name he goes by today) are only interested in one thing, and that is higher office, and the power they perceive it brings and will lie and cheat to get there.

    The facts from the series were well-documented and presented in a fair manner as demonstrated by the only action Sarega could attempt, and that was a poorly executed attempt by both Andy and felon Ion to get Hews’ paper barred from publishing public notices in La Mirada, an important source of income that pays the bills.

    Ion appealed to council and Andy was told to go pound sand after a judge reviewed his poorly crafted evidence that he labeled if I recall properly “exibit”

    Andrew should get a refund from whatever school he attended for basic English.

    If the research had not have been first rate I am convinced the Gypsy Twins would have gone with a libel suit instead of just harassing Hews.

    Hews must know that where there is smoke, there is fire, and keep digging into what these two are up to.

    With a failed used car dealership left now unlicensed since April the kings of all things shady are paying the bills for two adult couples driving nice new cars from a source not seen from their reported occupations on campaign declarations and I’m sure whatever it is it’s not appropriate for an elected official.

    I can count on the Lamplighter, and Los Cerritos News to continue to uncover more misconduct this family is involved in that will catch attention at next years LA Press Club awards ceremony.

    The coverage from HNG has never been more vital. In the past year or two SCNG, the newsgroup that consists of both the Whittier and Long Beach dailies have ended regular coverage of news in the entire Gateway Cities area with a few exceptions.

    The Press-Telegram eliminated news coverage over a year ago outside the city of Long Beach and Signal Hill.

    Otherwise, if ‘City News Service’ wire does not report it, readers of that paper are out of luck if it is news in Downey, Cerritos, Norwalk, Lakewood, and adjoining cities. That is a huge retreat.

    The Whittier daily no longer covers La Mirada and Springs city news other than the police beat, leaving their lone reporter to focus on just Whittier and Montebello, with a writer from the Monrovia newsroom to cover Pico Rivera. (Not that Mike Sprague will be missed as he only reported what ‘Hey Look at Me wannabe reporter Tony Aiello’ told him was news anyway)

    These are huge coverage gaps left now just to Hews and a small staff whom I believe are to be contributors to cover a dozen or so cities.

    We are lucky that Mr Hews has stayed the course in tough times and can count on him to keep an even closer eye on La Mirada and our good neighbors.