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HMG-CN Interview : Robert “Bob” Lindsey – In line to be the next Los Angeles County Sheriff 


HMG-CN sat down with Robert “Bob” Lindsey recently, Lindsey is running against current Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell.


HMG: Give our readers your 30-second elevator speech:

RL: I am a proven leader with 40 years of accomplished experienced in our nation’s largest Sheriff’s Department.  I have the established skills to lead the department’s 18,000 employees, manage a $3.2 billion dollar budget, and the practical solutions to combat violent crimes in the community and deal with the threats of terrorism in Los Angeles County.

HMG: What is your vision of the department?

RL: My vision and plan is to ensure responsible spending, direct and confront the increasing homelessness problem, and bring both community participation and transparency back to the Sheriff’s Department. I will lower crime by increasing patrols, fight against early prisoner release, eliminate irresponsible spending on wasteful political interest projects, and implement a concealed carry permit policy; those who are issued a permit must pass a comprehensive background investigation.

HMG: Expand on the community participation.

RL: I plan to pioneer multiple youth programs, revive Education Based Incarceration and job opportunity programs, and restore Community Advisory Committees, who’s members will directly communicate with the Sheriff on many urgent public safety issues.

HMG: Why are you best suited to lead?

RL: I feel I am well-respected throughout Los Angeles County with many community leaders and with the rank and file of the Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s Department.  In a recent survey and poll conducted internally, over 93% of the Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s (ALADS) would like to see me as the next Los Angeles County Sheriff.  In the internal poll, I received 1,302 votes and McDonnell only 34. 

HMG: You are a hometown Los Angeles guy yes?

RL: I am a lifelong resident of Los Angeles County.  I was born in Los Angeles at the historic Queen of Angels Hospital and raised in a home with a family of five.  My parents taught me the values of Church, family, community and service.  I am married to my lovely wife Kathy of 38 years and have three children and four grandchildren.

HMG: Thank you Sheriff.

RL: You are welcome, and you guys keep up the great work, we need political and community watchdogs.

For more information on Sheriff Bob Lindsey visit www.Bob4Sheriff.com





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