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DARK MONEY: Obscure Body Shop In Sacramento Donated $17,000 to Oppose 58th Assembly Candidate Ivan Altamirano


The Bodyworks Unlimited building located in Sacramento. The owner gave $17,000 to oppose Altamirano.



An examination of campaign documents from the California Secretary of State’s website show that a questionable company called Bodyworks Unlimited located in Sacramento near the rail-yards has recently donated an eye-opening $17,000 to an independent expenditure committee called Vote Smart California specifically opened to oppose 58th Assembly district candidate Ivan Altamirano.

$7,000 was donated on May 17, an additional $10,000 was donated five days later on May 22.



Report showing a $10,000 donation. Click on image to view larger document.



The committee has already spent over $5,000 on a USPS mail advertisement slamming Altamirano.

The committee lists its’ treasurer as Jose Garcia, no address, from La Crescenta, CA. A call into the number listed for Garcia is forwarded to a Google phone account.

Calls into Garcia’s number went unreturned.

Interestingly, the assistant treasurer is Shawnda Deane, head of the high-powered political reporting and treasury services firm of Deane and Company based out of Sacramento.

HMG-CN called the firm and was sent to Ms. Deane’s voicemail, as of publication time, Ms. Deane had not called back.

Bodyworks Unlimited is located at 4080 24th St in Sacramento. HMG-CN called the owner who did not want to give his name but confirmed he did donate the $17,000.

HMG-CN researched Bodyworks Unlimited and the address and found the name Enrique Ramos, a resident of Sacramento.

A title search of the property indicated that the owner of the Bodyworks Unlimited building is Enrique Ramos.

Bodyworks Unlimited is not registered with the California Secretary of State as a corporation or LLC, and also does not have a registered fictitious business name in Sacramento county.

The company’s website located at bodyworksunlimited.com is non-existent and its Facebook page, while active, has one entry.

Lastly, an examination of the California Bureau of Auto Repair shows that Bodyworks Unlimited auto repair license expired in 2017.




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  • The Community says:

    Solid job in catching this obscure $17,000 contribution, you journalist at the community paper are doing an excellent job.

    Very important findings👍🏼