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58th Assembly District Candidate Ivan Altamirano Raises Over $204,000

Staff Report

The campaign is only 65 days old yet Democratic Assembly District 58 candidate Ivan Altamirano has raised over $204,000.

Altamirano, who currently serves as the Commerce Mayor Pro Tem, out-raised embattled incumbent Cristina Garcia 3 to 1.

Garcia is currently under investigation by the Assembly Rules Committee for allegations of sexual harassment, groping, asking staffers to play Spin the Bottle, and slurs against the LGBTQ community and Asians.

“I am humbled by the level of support and outreach from our local community members,” Altamirano stated. “Their trust inspires me even more to fight harder for a better environment, housing, education system, schools and public safety.”

General Consultant Eric Hacopian says, “It is very rare for a challenger to out raise an incumbent member of the State Assembly, but to do so 3 to 1 is clearly extraordinary.”

Altamirano has a proven record of delivering on his promises by creating jobs, expanding youth programs, senior and transportation services.

A proud father of three and devoted husband, Altamirano “looks forward to making the 58thAssembly District better for generations to come.”

  • Richie says:

    His record speaks volumes… let us all look at the future of this district and, vote for him because of his ability to,
    “Make things happen”.

  • A. Contessotto says:

    Which political party is Ivan Altamirano registered as? As a voter, I feel that knowing a candidate’s political philosophy concerning government issues is vital. Voters should be cognizant of what agenda an elected official will support. There is a significant difference between a liberal and conservative regarding political issues. Which party is this candidate?