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April 27, 2018 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

  • Jas says:

    Why is it the guilty always accuse others of what they themselves cause or do?

    Ret. Gloria and Sherman Kappe have always been a stand alone political party, well known, both Kappes despise Grace Hu; Shadow Park HOA state Kappes have scorn the association, because of history of poor financials. Kappes belong in Las Vegas and vacate 90703.

    Solanki has never illustrated any input towards healthy conversation during CCC debates, nor has Solanki added to comments from CCC at the end of meetings. He has always been a nothing. Even Artesia India are gravely saddened by his lack of performance. Solanki needs a RX of political Viagra, if he ever wants to be appointed to mayor. Even the DA office has reviewed his archives, they too, state he is a very poor appointee.

    Does the current city council even understand English Language?

    Last night the city council decided to vacate Facebook . I can concur with that. Mark and Frank stated that government is for managing the city; and not for managing socializing. I can concur with that. Facebook will create easy freeway, for bashing and expressing more hatred within the city!

    Sadly, city is spending between $5-$7 million dollars subsidizing Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts, isn’t that about socializing also, and has nothing to do with managing government? Less than 9% of the Cerritos residents use CCPA, so hasn’t this become minoot paid subscription for socializing?

    Over and over again, Mark and Frank keep stating, that the city is very severely divided, with interracial issues, political party bias, crime issues, housing/ neighborhood menopause, HOA conflicts, Public Works issues ETC. Again can concur that the city is not going forward, it is going backwards because of the dividing social divisions. Hmmm, so why at each meeting does Mark and Frank continuously praise magnet campuses: Leal Elementary School and Whitney School and Grace Hu Auditorium, that’s only creating deeper divisions, not only with students, but with parents, and within the entire ABC Unified School District? Last mayor transition, only 1 of the surrounding 9 cities, attended the transition, as the surrounding cities hate Cerritos so bad, for host of man made issues created by Cerritos Councils.

    Bottom line, councilpersons Mark and Frank are both graduates of Whitney Magnet system, but do they really understand English and social issues? I think they’re both extremely deprived from what’s going on in the city. Our declining housing element, is the most blatant form of expressing the deeply seeded issues plaguing 90703.

    Mr. Gray was correct, podium speakers are not to be silenced/ censored, if so, speaker needs to file complaints with DA Office. Too much of Grace censorship, only demonstrates her alliance with Republic if China and not USA. Grace is not Trumper, so gal, cool it, this is land of democracy and not Chinese politics.