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Workers United-SEIU Endorses Friné Medrano for State Assembly 58th


Friné Medrano’s campaign announced another major endorsement by a labor union in the race for CA State Assembly District 58––Workers United-SEIU has endorsed Friné Medrano for Assembly.

The endorsement follows last week’s support from Teamsters Joint Council 42 making Medrano the only candidate in this race to have received the strongest support from the labor movement thus far.

In their endorsement of Medrano, Mauricio Vasquez, a Vice-President for Workers United-SEIU, stated, “The Western States Regional Joint Board (WSRJB) of Workers United-SEIU––representing 10,000 manufacturing, laundry, service, and warehouse workers––is proud to endorse Friné Medrano for CA State Assembly District 58. We believe that Friné will continue to be a strong advocate for the labor movement in California, and will fight to protect workers’ rights across all industries. The laundry workers of Workers United-SEIU are glad to have an ally who will go to the Assembly and fight for better wages, and working conditions, for all workers in vulnerable sectors.”

Medrano thanked Workers United-SEIU for their support in this race saying, “I am honored to have received the trust and support of the 10,000 working men and women of the Western States Regional Joint Board (WSRJB) of Workers United-SEIU. It was only last week that our campaign was endorsed by Teamsters Joint Council 42, and now to have another important labor union on our side, means that our campaign is the clear choice for the working families of Assembly District 58. Workers United-SEIU has made tremendous progress in securing labor rights for thousands of laundry workers across Southern California, and I am inspired by their efforts, to continue the fight for our working families in Sacramento.”

  • Concerned Ctzn says:

    SEIU and Teamster endorsements of Friné Medrano is not good for the residents of CA State Assembly District 58. The residents will have to take a back seat to the Unions if Frine’ Medrano is elected.