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POLITICO: Assembly woman Cristina Garcia Disparaged Asians in Racial Slur

Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia with members of the Woman’s Club. Birds of a feather: the woman on the left, Katherine George Chu, slammed Daniel Fierro, who was first to accuse Garcia of groping. Chu called Fierro a pudgy muther f$%^er in an insensitive Facebook post.


POLITCO is reporting that Cristina Garcia, the local Assembly woman who is out on leave pending a groping and sexual harassment investigation, was reprimanded by former Assembly Speaker John Perez in 2014 for making racially insensitive comments against Asians.


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  • KennyG says:

    Now Speaker Rendon wants to speak out against the gas and oil companies. While doing this he needs to first accept responsibility for his role in providing the electricity to Frankenstein’s monster. While they have been attacking the likes of Albert Robles over in Carson and the DA this week divulged they have been pursuing Robles on the behalf of oil and gas Rendon has sat around with his thumb far up his rear. Not realizing that looking the other way actions only embolden them to pursue others like his sweetie Cristina. Remember when the monster finishes eating who you dislike he soon develops a bigger hunger and you and your friends are the next ones on the menu.