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Cerritos City Councilmember Jim Edwards named CFGC 2018 Protector of Children Award Recipient

Cerritos City Councilmember Jim Edwards has been selected as the Community Family Guidance Center (CFGC) Protector of Children Award Recipient for 2018. Councilmember Edwards will be honored at the CFGC 28th Annual Golf Classic tournament on Monday, June 25 at the Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park. 

CFGC assists thousands of Southeast Los Angeles County’s underserved children and their families annually in healing from trauma, abuse and emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. The organization partners with schools and community organizations to help those who might not otherwise have access to mental health services. 

Councilmember Edwards is retired from a career as a teacher and administrator in the ABC Unified School District. He served four years at Whitney Community Learning Center and 30 years at Richard Gahr High School. He was also a part-time instructor at Cerritos College and the Director of Cerritos College Summer Sports Camp for 10 years.

“I am humbled and honored to be named the recipient of the Protector of Children Award this year,” remarked Councilmember Edwards. “I have been an advocate for children my entire life, and to be recognized by an organization such as the Community Family Guidance Center, which does so much to support children, families and individuals, means a great deal to me.”

Councilmember Edwards was elected to the Cerritos City Council in 2005, was re-elected in 2009, and served as Mayor of Cerritos from 2008–2009 and 2012–2013. He was re-elected to the City Council again in 2015. 

A Cerritos resident for more than 42 years, Councilmember Edwards is active in the Cerritos Optimist Club, the Vietnam Veterans Association and the Friends of the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion Adoption Committee. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for Lakewood Regional Medical Center. He has served as president for two years on the Pathways Volunteer Hospice Board and is currently a board member. 

His previous community involvement includes serving on the boards of the Los Cerritos YMCA, Community Family Guidance Center and the Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce. He was honored with the Spirit of Service Award from the Human Services Association in 2010.

  • Jas says:

    Congratulations Mr. Edwards this is a very noteworthy and thank you for your time.

    We need more transparency in this City, like to know how much does this city spend for membership for these organizations, which you received these awards? Also how much money in allowances for these events Etc., do you receive? I know these events are very expensive, and the public needs to know how much money it does cost city budget to get these Awards.

    Furthermore, you are very much in favor of the $250K-$300K for the Sheriff sculpture, ( Memorial) very puzzled why are we giving recognition to the Sheriff’s at Large, when in 1989 the Samoan baptismal litigation judgement cost us $25 million dollars?

    $300K earmarked for the one Sculpture Garden, could be divided in to smaller multiples, and placed at all main arterial Roads, which touch all 9 surrounding cities. City is in dire need of gentrification, if we could make smaller sculptures, and placed throughout the city, money-wise spent for all the residents, not just more money at city hall Disneyland compounds.

    Since you are promoting education, you know the value of sculptures, not only adds education to localize neighborhoods, it also stands as a standalone start for gentrification , for all sections of the city. I have never seen the city so poorly divided and lack of ongoing maintenance and beautification is currently the all time worse in 40-50 yrs.

    Maybe it is time, we copy city of Torrance and eliminate city council elections at large and adopt district elections, so more districts are represented in this city. City and the voters have been talking about his for decades.

    Our city council should have a least a dialog to study city of Los Alamitos recommendation for sanctuary laws, etc. Our 50,000 residents need to have a chance at this debate too.