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KQED INTERVIEW: Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia Admits to Calling Former Speaker a ‘Homo’


In an interview with KQED, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia admitted , among other things, that she used the word ‘homo’ to describe fellow elected officials.

“Have I at some point used the word ‘homo’? Yeah I’ve used that word ‘homo.’ I don’t know that I’ve used it in derogatory context. I think you need to think about the context in which it was used. But anything can be taken out of context clearly here in this situation.”

KQED then asked, “so did you ever use that to describe the speaker, the word “homo?”

Garcia responded, “I can’t remember but I wouldn’t be surprised if I used that word. Right? So I think that that’s fair. I think terms like ‘faggot’ are period derogatory. There’s no good way to use that word. I think a term like ‘homo’ can also be derogatory, right? I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m an angel. Was I using those as derogatory terms? No. It’s almost like I would say I’m a brown person sometimes.”

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  • Maxi Driver says:

    Ridiculous softball interview. The host doesn’t even get the allegations right:
    “So this one gentleman says that you tried to grab his butt reached for his crotch, to be graphic about it. You never did that.”

    Correction: two gentleman allege Cristina grabbed their crotch. Not one. Host John Sepulvado is an embarrassment.

  • Concerned Ctzn says:

    Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia is out of control and needs to be booted out of office.

    • Silvano Washington says:

      Sounds like a devotee of former Republican President Richard Nixon “ I can’t remember “
      And we know how that played out !