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Recall Pico Rivera Councilman Greg Salcido: Proponents Submit Petition to City Clerk

Committee to RECALL Councilman Gregory Salcido 2018 Submits Official Petition to Commence RECALL Campaign.

Website LIVE to accept donations: recallcouncilmansalcido.com


Pico Rivera, California- The Committee to RECALL Councilman Gregory Salcido 2018 announced today that the petition has been submitted today to the City Clerk of Pico Rivera for final approval to commence RECALL of Councilman Gregory Salcido campaign 2018.

Additionally, FPPC paperwork has been filed with the state of California. The official website has gone live to accept donations and can be accessed at:recallcouncilmansalcido.com. This comes after Board of Education President Aurora Villon announced that El Rancho United School District reached a unanimous decision to fire Gregory Salcido for his bashing of the military and profanity in the classroom.

Outraged parents, residents and veteran’s groups have called upon Gregory Salcido to resign after January 2018 recordings of Salcido went viral on social media. Salcido told a classroom of students at El Rancho High School in Pico Rivera that members of the military were “not talented people” and told a student, “don’t wear that in here” in reference to a Marine Corp t-shirt the student was wearing.

Gregory Salcido told the students, “We’ve got a bunch of dumb [expletive] over there,” Salcido says in the recording. “Think about the people who you know who are over there – your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever – they’re dumb shits. They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people; they’re the freaking lowest of our low.”

“Gregory Salcido tirade is un-American. He is unfit to hold public office because of his anti-military and racist views. His attacks on the United States military and his racism directed towards Asian Americans will not be tolerated in our community.

The citizens including Veterans from the community asked Gregory Salcido to resign from office, we have waited patiently, and he has not responded to our calls to resign. The Citizens of Pico Rivera are united that Gregory Salcido must be removed from office,” said Raul Elias.”Members of the military died for our country, they protect our very democracy and our city council member Gregory Salcidocalls them “dumb shits” in the classroom? We say NO to him. Remove Gregory Salcido from our city council now,” added Elias and members of the Committee to RECALL Gregory Salcido 2018.

Salcido’s anti-military and racist comments were caught on tape where he attempted to stereotype people from Asia and the Middle East. Salcido specifically said, “We haven’t been able to beat these guys wearing freaking robes and chanclas [flip-flops] for 15 years, we couldn’t beat the Vietnamese – they’re a bunch of people this freaking big (used hand gesture)-throwing rice at us.” Elias added, “Gregory Salcido’s reckless behavior is reprehensible and inexcusable. The citizens of Pico Rivera deserve leadership that can serve our veteran community, Asian Americans and all of our residents fairly. Through his very own words, Gregory Salcido has shown that he is unable to be a Council member for all of the people.”

  • Pico guy says:

    They need to get the info and news out to the seniors.

  • ET Snell says:

    I went to the web site recallcouncilmansalcido.com and there was no downloadable recall petition. Elias needs to quit trying to be a control freak and put the damn petition on line on the web site quit trying to milk the recall Elias. We could never get enough signatures even if every voter signed the recall there still would not be enough signatures.