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David Armenta

By Brian Hews
March 20, 2018 12:20 pm

It seems as if Pico Rivera City Councilman David Armenta cannot choose sides when it comes to disgraced fellow Councilman Greg Salcido.

Armenta was once a harsh critic of Salcido, initially leading efforts to remove him from office after his rant calling all military personnel “dumbshits, and lowest of the low.”

Armenta participated in community protest marches, in televised news interviews, even at a city council meeting where he demanded Salcido resign.

Armenta was second to sign the petition seeking Salcido’s recall.


Legal notice showing Armenta as number two signature to recall Salcido,  sources are saying Armenta is now trying to stop the recall.


But recently, Armenta had a sudden change of heart, overtly pandering for Salcido’s vote to in an apparent quid pro quo scheme to achieve his own agenda.

Armenta, voting with Salcido and Councilman Brent Tercero, recently forced City Manager Rene Bobadilla to resign or face termination. Armenta demanded Bobadilla fire LEBA, Inc. the current vendor at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, but Bobadilla refused.

And now, in a seeming exchange for the Bobadilla vote, Armenta is backtracking on his efforts to recall Salcido and he is leaving Pico Rivera Veterans in the lurch.

Sources have told HMG-CN that Armenta is now leading efforts to stop the recall of Salcido.

Those veterans who are leading the recall met last Sunday to discuss the shocking betrayal of Armenta.

In a post placed on the What’s Happening in Pico Rivera Facebook page, the meeting was called as a result of “Armenta opposing the Salcido recall” and him being “behind the firing of our City Manager which will cost residents over $300,000.”

HMG-CN was told that recall leader Raul Elias, a teacher at El Rancho High School where Salcido teaches, explained to those in attendance that following Armenta’s effort to oust Bobadilla, he and Armenta “parted ways.”

Elias stated that Armenta ordered him to “stop his involvement in the Salcido recall” and if he did not, Armenta would “fire him from the recall and stop all funding that he had pledged.”

Another person at the Sunday meeting, who did not want to be identified, was even more direct in his opinion of Armenta’s quid pro quo.

“David could never be trusted anyways. When the strip club protests were underway in 2007, David was told to stop attending by the organizer, the late Pastor Richard Ochoa of the Lord’s Vineyard, after woman walking the protest line complained that Armenta was constantly be hitting on them for dates. There’s nothing noble about that man.”

Elias stated he would submit the corrected recall paperwork at the next meeting, tonight Tuesday the 20th, along with the proof of publication.

The City Clerk would then have 10 days to verify the signatures on the petition.

  • Knows LM says:

    Assuming this is true this is a deplorable lack of ethics and morality and places Mr. Armenta in a more contemptible category than even Mr. Salcido.

    Even though Mr. Salcido is an elitist, lacks common sense, or any appreciation for the sacrifices others made to ensure the liberties we enjoy as Americans, at least these were his beliefs, and he publicly stood by them.

    But in my book, Mr. Armenta is a bigger piece of shit because his ethics are based on going whatever direction serves his twisted purpose of the day and has no real set of personal values.

    With Salcido, you know what to expect, but with Armenta, you will not know for sure until the knife has already has made an entry in your back.

  • Resident says:

    The Los Cerritos news should be ashamed! This “newspaper” is nothing more than gossip. You published private citizen’s addresses and names for no reason. I must have missed the part where Armenta said that he did not support the recall because you failed to convince me of that. I’m not sure where you got your degree from, Mr. Hews, but I’m sure the university would be ashamed of you. This isn’t journalism. How low do you have to fall before you resort to writing this garbage? It’s clear that the Los Cerritos News has an agenda and it’s very biased. To anyone who reads this “newspaper”, please start getting your facts from legitimate news sources. To Mr. Hews, please start writing with some integrity. Get the facts before you write something.

  • Robert Armenta says:

    Armenta Can be recalled just like any other elected official. RECALL HIM NOW

  • R. Armenta says:

    this guy stole all my tools, clothing, computer (desktop), (laptop), (Printer),( dvr), (security cameras), clothing, all my personal paperwork, I mean all, not some, 5 tool bags that I make my livelyhood with, vacuum pump for a/c units, yellow jacket Refrigerant gauges ……………………………

  • R. Armenta says:

    The Pico Rivera police say thats a Civil Matter, I’m certain not everyone feels that way, I’m positive. Lets see what the media says. Shall we. And veterans as well.