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Cerritos Commission Will Meet to Discuss City’s Pine Tree Reforestation Plan 


Staff Report

The City of Cerritos Property Preservation Commission will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, March 14 at 7 p.m. in the City Council Chambers (18125 Bloomfield Avenue) to discuss the City’s pine tree reforestation plan. The meeting will be broadcast on Cerritos TV3.

  • M c M a h on says:


    Currently the tree department will give a written reply to the residents of Cerritos, allowing them to have their tree professionally trimmed or removed at the HO expense. Very few residents have opted for this, plus the HO are also responsible for repairing or replacing any damage occurring during that process to Public Works. In other words, HO could be stuck for host of other garbage fees by ghosts; when they have their tree trimmed, all at the home owner’s expense.

    Big lawsuit insurance carrier filed against City of Pasadena, the Judgment was awarded that City have failed to maintain their crop farm which is street trees. This is the same thing which is happening in the city of Cerritos, the city of Cerritos has failed to maintain their crop, Street trees on the city boulevards/ easements.

    Parkway and Meridian trees, are causing many homeowners to lose their HO insurance policies, and also curtailing the sales of their homes, buyers do not want to invest in problematic street tree and their life changing damages.