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SOURCES: Tony Mendoza Resigns from His Senate Seat

Thursday Feb. 22, 2018 11:28 a.m.

By Brian Hews

Sources are telling HMG-CN that State Senator Tony Mendoza will resign his seat today.

He turned in his letter of resignation today.

In his letter Mendoza slammed the Senate:

“I refused to participate in any further in the farcical “investigation” against me that ignores the Senate’s own rules, invents processes, criteria and standards as needed, ignores due process and constitutional right to self-defense all for the purpose of playing to election-year politicking.

I shall resign my position as Senator with immediate effect as it is clear that Senate President pro tem Kevin De Leon will not rest until he has had my head on a platter to convince the MeToo movement of his sincerity and supporting them.

De Leon ordered up a secret investigation in my case, without any due process of providing me with any specific charges, access to witnesses or evidence, or any opportunity to defend myself. The results reported using the lower standard of proof -“more likely than not”- but asking for the highest penalty, expulsion.

Since November 2017 the Senate rules committee required me to stay silent under Senate rules and also required me disparately to give up leadership positions, go on leave, and essentially disappear from Sacramento.

Now with over a quarter of Democratic senators either running for statewide office or under investigation, I cannot expect any fairness or justice. This is particularly true as a large number of my mostly male colleagues from either party are concerned at the prospect of being accused of “protecting” me.

I want to thank the voters in the district who elected me for their continued and strong support. I intend to canvas my district to determine my candidacy for Senate this year.

I also intend to pursue my lawsuit against the Senate for violating the Constitution and the rights of my district’s voters and mine, dealing with me disparately compared to others charged with more serious allegations, and leaving the 32nd district without representation.”


  • Paul Martin says:

    I wonder if Andrew Sarega will also be running for this seat also, which would be appropriate since he does reside in this district. Not that he has any chance to win in the Orange County race, the Mendoza district, or LM council again for that matter.

    He is damaged goods after he and buddy Mr Cut-and-Paste, Tony Aiello of the LM Blawg conspired to smear Sarega’s opponent.

    Being that they investigation is still ongoing tells me the complaint has merit and is being taken seriously and investigators are being thorough.

    Tony the 30 cents you get selling the blog won’t pay the fine your going to probably get slapped with