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Greg Salcido Caught on Audio Saying Possessing Kiddie Pornography is Not a Crime


Staff Report

In another disturbing audio posted on social media, El Rancho teacher and PicoRivera Councilman Greg Salcido was caught on audio saying possessing kiddie pornography “should not be a crime”

Hews Media Group-Community News was the first media outlet to publish the first explosive recording last Friday night Jan. 26, where Salcido, in the stunning expletive-filled diatribe, slammed all United States military personnel as  “dumbshits” and “not talented” during a class lecture.

As of publication of this article the online report has received 250,000 hits and 10,000 facebook likes.


Greg Salcido Caught on Audio Saying Possessing Kiddie Pornography is Not a Crime


Salcido was making a case that people should have the right to look at or say whatever they want.

“You know is one thing, you guys think I might be crazy here, and it is a disgusting subject, as I think about it I say why would that be crime?

You guys know how people get arrested for having like kiddie porn on their phone or their computer, like they downloaded the pictures.

You did not take them you are not in them but you downloaded them and you get arrested for them. I don’t think you should.”

He went on, “I think you are a fricken pig , but you should not be arrested because you had nothing to do with it.”

“You did not take the pictures, you are not in the picture, you don’t know the people in the picture you just had it on your computer, should that be a crime?”

“And if so why?”

“Is it disgusting, yeah, but I don’t know if it should be a crime.”

“The person who took the picture should get arrested, If you get off on that I think you are fricken gross but a criminal, I don’t know about that.”

“If you think that’s dirty but that’s your business.”


  • S. Carmona says:

    It won’t take long before a current or former male student of Salcido speaks out about his conduct around young boys. Females have nothing to worry about, it’s about the dudes with that guy. Why do you think the guys call him “the sauce”? Believe me that it’s a male thing.

  • Paul says:

    This man is clueless. Salcido fails to acknowledge the ongoing pain victims experiencing knowing that these images are all over the world via the internet. Everyone has a right to an opinion but I find it troubling from a policymaker at City Hall that he has so little empathy for those kids. This man needs an early retirement, and then shock therapy.

  • Donna says:

    Diff is he said the person “downloaded” the pics. That means he wanted to see them n /or be able to keep/sVe them. Otherwise he wud have just passed them by. Bet Salsido wud have downloaded them, too. He’s a piece of trash. Who voted for him??