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Pico Rivera Councilman Greg Salcido Says All US Military Personnel Are ‘Dumbshits’

Pico Rivera Councilman and former Mayor Greg Salcido told his high school class that the US Military is full of “dumbshits”. Salcido does not salute the flag or participate in prayer during council meetings. From his twitter account.

Friday January 26, 2018, 11:01 p.m.

By Brian Hews

In a stunning expletive-filled diatribe El Ranch High School teacher and Pico Rivera City Councilman Greg Salcido was caught on audio slamming all United States military personnel as  “dumbshits” and “not talented” during a class lecture.

“We have night vision goggles and we can’t control these people wearing robes and chanklas” said Salcido to his class.

“It’s a lie our military is talented,” he said.

“Because we have a bunch of fricken dumbshits over there. They [the military] are not high-level bankers, they are not academics, they are not intellectuals….they are the lowest of the low, think about the people you know over there, stupid uncle Louis’, they are not talented people, they are dumbshits. The data is in, we don’t have a talented military, we have not been able to beat people with robes.”



“The data is in they are the lowest of the low, why we don’t win.”

“Why do we have stupid f***ing bombers fly over during events, that’s what we kill people with and we cheer them on?”

As the class listened in horror Salcido continued, “we could not beat the Vietnamese…. they are people this fucking big THROWING RICE at us, we could not beat people since World War II, it’s a lie that a military is bitchen.”

“So if you join the military you have no other options, so your parents want you off their ass, your grandparents want you off their ass for four or six years, and they want the neighbors to think you did well.”

Are you aware that they have a GPA of zero point zero?

Salcido then blasted military recruiters saying, “I don’t know why they let recruiters come here they lie to you, we don’t let pimps come to the school, why let them say anybody want to be a whore?”

“The recruiters lie to you, if you are interested in college why would you ever consider the military?”

“They pay for college, bullshit, they give you all this bullshit to see the world, you are not going to college.”

Salcido then went on  a rant about the 9/11 bombings comparing joining the Army (video 3), “you remember seeing people jumping out of the trade center, why did they do that? Burn or jump? Do you want to eat dog shit or cat shit? They would rather jump.

Using several expletives, Salcido used 9/11 as an option that it would be better to jump than join the military.

Sources have told HMG-CN that Salcido was in New York this weekend and was set to meet the Army Corps of Engineers.  Salcido decided not to attend and  “is on his way back to California.”

Bob Archuleta, a former member of the Obama Administration as a presidential appointee to West Point, former mayor of Pico Rivera , a combat veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne, Archuleta has two sons actively serving. One is a major with a Masters and a PhD, the other is a captain deployed and currently serving our country.

“Both of my sons are appalled at the news that has hit Pico Rivera. Are they among the dumbshits that Saucedo is referring to? We have 17 astronauts from West Point, are they dumbshits? I don’ think so Salcido. I have been fortunate to serve this great county, I have been with military who are bright and articulate. We stand behind all military and veterans, you have dishonored our military and veterans. Sacrifice comes with honor, your actions and comments are appalling. THAT KID WAS wearing a Marine sweatshirt from his father or uncle…. he was wearing it with pride and you as a teacher for El Rancho and a Pico City Councilman have dishonored all miiltary branches for your conduct and comments.


In a statement, Pico Rivera Mayor Gustavo Camacho said, “While I cannot comment of Councilman Salcido’s recent remarks, I can say unequivocally that I and the other councilmembers don’t agree with his point of view regarding those who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military. In fact, the City of Pico Rivera was founded upon the principles, values and sacrifices of many of our veterans who when called upon by our nation served with great pride and honor.  Those men and women who have proudly served in our nation’s armed forces have proven time and again that personal sacrifice in the face of injustice and tyranny can literally change the world for the better. The city council and residents of Pico Rivera are steadfast in the recognition that their contributions are respected and that we are grateful for their service.  In fact, the city has a number of programs that benefit veterans and their families.”


See video 1 click here

See video 2 click here.

See video 3 click here.


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  • Common Sense Dude says:

    OMG! Is this for real? I have never heard something so I vile, shocking and replulsive! This man is a traitor to his country. Freedom is NOT free you asshole!!!

    • Trey says:

      He is not a man, he is a boy in a mans world. I spent 4 years in the marines, he would not last an hour. He needs to shut his mouth and change his panties. I bet he would not go over seas and say that stuff. Be thankful for what our military does for you, why you sit on your face and talk out you ass. Come sign the paper u puss and put your sorry ass in harms way, so you can cry like the Bitch you are!!!

  • True American says:

    I’ve heard the three FaceBook posts and I applaud the young man who recorded them. I am praying the El Rancho School Board protects this person from Salcido as he is obviously crazy and a danger to this student and others. As I may appreciate free speech, I don’t appreciate this form of unpatriotic dribble being spewed in our classrooms. Is this considered acceptable in that community? Kids are already blasted with nutty opinions and screwy points of views from movies, online and from our loose-cannon President, the last thing they need to deal with is a lousy high school teacher who thinks he’s the second-coming and father almighty.

  • #Stand Up says:

    According to FB posts this teacher has been in trouble before but apparently becasue he’s a City Councilman the school board is afraid to fire him. What a shame. This guy shows how big his balls are and the school board has none. That’s what’s wrong with this world.

  • Lib Active Duty says:

    WOW. As a member of the U.S. Military (and still active duty since 1982), I could not be more offended by this person, who is supposed to be an adult model for our young people. Calling our dedicated military personnel ‘dumbsh*ts” and “lowest of the low.” If this is truly an actual recording of a high school teacher, he better be fired this time next week.

    and.. I am a “liberal.” this is NOT someone who is liberal, edgy, “telling it like it is,” thought-provoking, or espousing alternate views to which our high school student should be exposed. He should NOT be in front of a classroom; he should be on a street corner holding a cardboard sign with this rant. THAT’s free speech.

  • Randy says:

    For a change, I have to agree with Salcido. Most of the kids who join the military are C+- level and no where else to go. That is what he is talking about; which is true. Same applies to law enforcement (I have seen so many dumb cops including in Pico). Who wants to get killed or injured if there are other avenues for living. Let’s be real.

    • HMG-Editor says:

      HUH? There is this academy called West Point….another called Annapolis

      • Liz says:

        My straight-A, advanced class, Honor Society oldest son’s goal is to go to the Naval Academy and become a Marine Corps officer. Not because his father and I are pushing it on him, but because he decided earlier this school year after being told numerous times joining the military is entirely his decision and you DON’T have to go with the flow just because your parents/grandfathers served. (Not put in those exact words because writing it out like that makes it sound like “how dare you want to break tradition”) that he wanted to join after college. Then, while watching the Army/Navy game, he was fascinated by the “day in the life” part before the game about the students and asked me if he could be a Marine officer if he went to one of those schools. I told him he could and explained they’re very hard to get into, he needs to keep his grades up, do volunteer activities, and stay out of trouble. He’s in fifth grade now, but if he sticks with it and still wants to go that route, I will support him and do everything I can to help him succeed. Won’t stop me from teasing him about being an officer, but that’s just life. Lol

    • Joe says:

      So i joined the military with a C average in high school. After 12 years in, I learned professionalism, management, leadership, and communication skills. After I completed my Bachelors in Nursing, (with a 3.5 GPA), I couldn’t wait to go back into the military. Lets get real, although dwindling in number, plenty of people have no problem putting their life on the line for the greater good. Too bad people who think like you are becoming more prevalent.

    • Lorraine Kamphaus says:

      You, sir, are an idiot. I am the proud mother of a US Marine, and he didn’t enlist because it was his plan B or couldn’t get in to college. He enlisted because he felt a calling to serve his country. His sacrifice allows you the freedom to voice your opinion just as it allows me to let you know how stupid and uninformed your viewpoint is.

    • Trey says:

      Well when you get scared 😳 don’t call law enforcement or let them know how you feel about them, if you are man enough. Life is about being happy, not what you think about the military or law enforcement. So do your job and let us do our. If u feel a certain way about us, se if you could make! From the sounds of it you would have a hard time. Good luck with your thoughts Randy!

  • Amanda Jimenez says:

    Apparently Greg Salcido’s facebook post last night stated that he and his family were attending a show on Broadway in New York and while exiting he turned on his phone to discover a “storm”. Nice weekend getaway??
    Now this is the same high school teacher that attended both games #1 & #7 of the World Series (with choice seats right behind home plate (both posted on facebook). Those seats ran $3,500 a pop and there was a smiling Salcido and his wife and kid.
    This is the same teacher who sits in seats just above floor-level at Laker games as well as attends road games for both Laker and Dodger games. Not bad for a high school teacher? Something tells me that school teachers that also sit on a City Council are well compensated????? Investigate Brian!! This guy’s mouth is not the only thing slimy I suspect.

  • Grown Up says:

    Justin let the adults talk. Someone who just had his first kiss in 2014 needs to still grow up.

  • Paul Sanchez says:

    Greg was my freshman football coach at El Rancho. He was and I’m sure is still a good guy and hopefully does more good for the community.

    He can have his opinion but not in this way, not in a class he holds captive while he speaks like this.

    I served 5 great years in the Army and I’m quite proud of it. I defend your right to your opinions Greg. Being a dumbshit I guess I can not comprehend your comments. I only worked on Satellite communications with a higher than top secret clearance with others as dumb as me. I used my military experience to work as an Engineer in silicoln valley and a network supervisor supporting NASA missions for a decade after getting out. Used my college benefits to find another challenge and graduate top of my class and now enjoy the challenge of saving lives as a emergency nurse. All, every part in thanks to proudly serving my country just as my father. He must be a dumbass too.

    Maybe politics and the way we have to look politically correct to the world is why we don’t simply win against people wearing robes or throwing rice. Not exactly the politically correct way to refer to people. But what do I know, I was a military dumbass defending your freedom

  • From Pico says:

    Kids are thick headed these days. To get thru to them you got to speak their language. What I see here is a teacher that is trying so hard to get through the skulls of the kids in his class, that the military doesn’t have to be your answer. Many people who have worked their way up the military ranks did not join the military dreaming of those ranks, they joined because it got them out of whatever situation they were in. Sure, once you are in there you become passionate about it, you live it, breathe it, and preach it; and that is fine,and I thank you for your service. However, should we encourage our youth to enlist? Is that they only way to show you are patriotic? Yes there are families where generations have followed suit, and that is going to happen regardless but when there is a “We want you booth” advertising free education, and travel posted right next to a University booth at a College fair at a High School in Pico Rivera, I feel that is a bit strategic. He is passionate about trying to get in the minds of these kids that have their minds so closed (hence the name callings,references to wake them up) to try and spark ambition in some Latinos to maybe.. just maybe want to be the ones calling the shots, not the ones getting shot.

    • Rico says:

      Stfu greg

    • Sheri says:

      There are very great reasons to join military. You can finish your education, you can learn a trade and also learn to build strong foundations. My friends daughter is a fighter pilot, another is in medical school. Only an ignorant person would say the people in military are dumb. He is dumb and does no service to anyone.

    • But h says:

      An ad homenim attack on military members does not teach young minds ambition. It teaches them hatred.

    • Rick Garcia says:

      Good one Salcido!! Now go back to your safe space

  • Anonymous says:

    He should return to his own country.

    • Paul Martin says:

      Don’t make this a racist issue. This is an egomaniac issue. The are tons of Latino’s that proudly serve our country in the armed forces. I don’t mind a debate on immigration, but get of the backs of Latino Americans, they are just as patriotic as you or I.

  • Ben Cardenas says:

    Salcido has been on the Pico Rivera City Council for 18 years. For 15 of those 18 years he has not been part of a majority voting block on the council and thus has never contributed anything as a result.

    He remains elected simply because he teaches Jr.& Sr. History at the city’s only high school and produces 500 new voters each year. He is known as giving guaranteed A grades as long as you attend and don’t challenge his agenda and philosophy. If you speak up or offer a counter opinion, you’re going to receive a C or worse.

    As a result of this cozy set-up, Salcido will stay in office as long as he teaches where he does. If this clown gets fired or transferred to teach some kindergarten class, he’ll lose his council seat.

    Better yet, if he was fired by the school board and is forced to resign from the council as a result of public protest and pressure, the City of Pico Rivera will be forever improved.

    • William Gahagan says:

      So, David is a useless tool.

    • William Gahagan says:

      Check that…Greg is a useless tool…

    • sandra gonzalez says:

      Bravo to you, Ben. We both know what a bully this man is. The remainder of the council are upstanding and honorable men, but the longer Salcido stays on Council after this mess, the harder it will be for the city to recover. This is a black eye on a good community and the repercussions could be tragic. Thanks for speaking the truth.

  • Dee Bee says:

    Please don’t give this jackass any attention. This is obviously an attempt to get attention. He’s not worth a millisecond of anyone’s time

  • Dee Bee says:

    Please don’t give this assclown a second of our time. This is a cry for attention and he’s not worth a millisecond of anyone’s time

  • S. Carmona says:

    Salcido has parlayed his teaching position at El Rancho into 18 long years on the City Council. Salcido allegedly teaches 11th & 12th grade history at the city’s only high school but in reality he has constructed a never-ending annual voting factory of 500 newly-minted graduating 18 year olds that worship Salcido’s generous grading tendencies and his “too cool dude” dribble (I’m mean “chanclas”? Really, this guy doesn’t even speak Spanish)

    At the polls Salcido can’t be beat with his army of young voters that receive their diplomas in June and vote in Novemeber along with their very grateful parents who Salcido has brainwashed into believing he’s the answer to all of society’s ills. It’s an excellent scam but the hard cold truth is that Salcido has been worthless on the City Council where he hasn’t achieve a necessary alliance with any voting majority in 15 of his 18 years in office.

    The results is that Salcido has made absolutely zero positive contributions in his years in office and multiple turns as Mayor and simply sits on the sidelines stirring the pot and playing to the ever-present malcontents and gadflies that haunt every body of government. In fact, to gain attention (like a little child), Salcido began refusing to recite to the Pledge of Allegiance as well as not placing his hand over his heart and then progressed to boycotting participating in the simple prayer that opens each meeting. Why, because he gains the attention he so craves while knowing he can count on his young minions to check his name on the next ballot. Again, a total scam and a pitiful sham.

    The truth of the matter is that Salcido’s personality dictates that he demands attention and will battle with anyone who doesn’t agree with his point-of-view. Of course Salcido gets away with this in his classroom where the more a student worships him the greater guarantee of nailing an “A” whereas those that don’t Praise this egomaniac can expect a “C” or worse. That game doesn’t translate on the City Council where his colleagues won’t play his silly games and consistently shut him down by “calling for the vote” and ending his verbal diarrhea.

    I hope this post provides a little insight into Pico Rivera’s problem child. I pray the School Board will take into consideration Salcido’s sordid work history from threatening to kill a child in his classroom (she wasn’t buying what he was selling) to slapping another kid in the head who wasn’t paying attention (the slap was a precursor to an “f” anyways) to bullying a chubby kid with man-boobs by calling him “Chaz Bono” (probably a hint at Salcido’s barely concealed homosexuality?).

    I hope people far and wide come together and unite to march, protest and speak out to get this guy fired. This isn’t just Pico Rivera’s problem, it’s a civilized mankind’s problem!

  • Fred Kahn says:

    I think Obersturmbannfuhrer Kurt “Panzer” Meyer will be paying this douchebag a visit soon. Unless Obersturmbannfuhrer Joachim Pieper gets there first.

  • Pico Employee says:

    Most of the Pico R employees around me say, ‘Oh, thats just Greg being Greg’, or ‘He’s just sparking debate among his students’. Well, wake up gang, you are all just as stupid as Salcido if that is what you think. This scene has brought shame and disgust from the entire nation to this city. If they didn’t think we were ghetto before, then they certainly do now. It will be hard for us all to come back from this incident. We all know that Mr Salcido is an arrogant, self-serving narcissistic bully that only wants to hear the sound of his own voice. He won’t say the pledge at council meetings and is a self proclaimed anarchist. He should not be on this or any city council and I hope he moves the hell out (or gets RUN out) of his precious ‘Gods Country’ and allows this city to begin to heal. Idiotic Asshole. Hey what goes around, comes around, and I think and hope he has to answer to the shitstorm he has created.