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By Tammye McDuff

Hawaiian Gardens held its annual State of the City last week, with the theme of “Moving Forward Together.” “I am going to tell you about the greatest accomplishments I believe the City Council has accomplished this past year,” began Hawaiian Gardens Mayor Hank Trimble.

“Hawaiian Gardens has hired a new City Manager Ernie Hernandez who was appointed January 2017.”  Hernandez’s has 17 years of management experience serving as Deputy City Manager for the City of Norwalk, and has held management positions in the cities of Santa Ana, Long Beach and South El Monte.

“He is very knowledgeable in every department and is capable of working with the new City Attorney,” said Trimble.

“We’ve hired a very experienced municipal attorney in Arnold Glasman who is handling all City affairs.” Glasman has nearly thirty years of legal experience, representing both private sector and public entities.  In addition to his development experience, Glasman’s expertise has earned him the opportunity to represent seven different communities in his career as their City Attorney and Redevelopment Agency or Community Development Commission General Counsel.

“We’ve hired a very experienced Human Resources Director, Patrick Matson, who comes to the city with expertise working with the cities of Paramount and Norwalk.”

“We are moving forward cleaning up the City,” said Trimble. The Department of Public Works is most proud of the Community Yard Clean Up Program, where large dumpsters are placed on residential streets, so that residents have the opportunity to clean up and clean out large items from their yard, garages and homes for free.

“The city clean-ups are one of our major accomplishments this years,” added Councilwoman Mariana Rios, “My priority is the well being of our residents and if the streets are clean and clear of the refuse that we often see sitting by the wayside, I believe that residents needs are being met.”

“We are moving forward in operating and repairing the infrastructure of the City,” said Trimble. The Community Development Department is responsible for the physical development of the City. The department reviews all private and public projects such as planning, housing and engineering.

“We have repaired many of our streets, says Councilman Reynaldo Rodriguez, “we have significantly improved and upgraded, bus stops, sidewalks and handicap ramps.”

“We are moving forward in education,” said Trim ble. The City is continually making huge strides in meeting educational goals. Many of the local schools have demonstrated scholastic achievements at state and national levels and have won several awards.

“What I call ‘Moving Forward Together’ is our City’s progress through hard work and the combined efforts of the people that care,” commented Mayor pro-tem Barry Bruce, “many things have changed for the good, because people have stood up and worked together toward a common goal.”

  • SMH says:

    Its not what you know it’s who you know… Patrick Matson I was an idiot at Norwalk n now he’s a director. …ernie took his pal w him to h.g. Good luck h.g.