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Cerritos Resident Bruce Barrows’ Home Burglarized While Family Was Away



By Brian Hews

HMG-CN has confirmed with the Cerritos Sheriff’s that former Cerritos Mayor Bruce Barrows’ home was burglarized last night. The sheriff’s stated that no further details could be released as of 11:00 am today.

  • Summer Winds says:

    Everyone will say a special prayer today at church on Sunday, just pray that nobody received any physical bodily damage.

    This may be the wake-up call for the city, this is just nonsense, getting out of hand. Today is burglaries, tomorrow will be gang shootings, murders and rapes. We have to stop this now.

    CCC must divide the city into districts, employee private patrol car to cruise each district once every hour. We need to use the city worker trucks for a quarter, and put a cherry bomb red flashing light on each utility truck and make it mandatory that the private Patrol, cruise every Street in the city at least once per hour for the next 3 to 4 months to see if we can stop this nonsense. Oct. days will be shorter, more night time darkness to rob rob.

    It’s too expensive to employ Sheriff’s, and the private Patrol could radio the sheriff’s car when they see inappropriate activity which could lead to a robbery or burglary.


    Cerritos Sheriffs: Only A couple of our tags lines are “unlit homes attract unwelcome attention” and “keep’em on to keep’em out.”