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VIDEO: Phony ‘City Election Officials’ Illegally Gathering Ballots in Commerce

May 25, 2017, 10:24 p.m.

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has learned that several people posing as “official election volunteers,” complete with a blue vest and a phony badge, are going door-to-door in Commerce illegally soliciting mail-in ballots from unsuspecting voters to skew the vote in favor of embattled incumbents Tina Baca Del Rio and Lelia Leon.

According to residents, the election officials say they are working for the city of Commerce, offering stamps for the ballot, and then offering to mail the ballots for the voters.

“Luis,” the election official, with a “voter clipboard.”


Several voters have told HMG-CN that the questionable officials would ask who they are voting for; if the voter said they were casting a ballot for candidates John Peraza or Jaime Valencia, the officials would offer to stamp their ballot and mail it for them.

One City Clerk, who did not want to be identified, told HMG-CN, “cities do not get involved with candidates, this is very fishy. And what City would budget money to send election officials out going door-to-door?”

If the voter declined to comment, the officials would not ask for any other city council candidate’s ballots but offer campaign materials supporting Tina Baca Del Rio and Lelia Leon.

That action would strongly indicate that the questionable officials were colluding with the two incumbents or their rumored campaign consultant, long time East Los Angeles political operative Angel Gonzales.

The voters told HMG-CN they remembered talking to a man named “Luis” and told “Luis”  they were supporting John “Johncito” Peraza and Jaime Valencia.

“Oh good, I can take your ballots for you and mail them,” said “Luis,” “I am an official election volunteer from the City.”

Two unsuspecting voters actually gave “Luis” their ballots.

Peraza and Valencia were alerted of “Luis”  canvassing another neighborhood and went to confront him; when they approached him, “Luis” was unaware of who they were and questioned the two about their vote preference.


Screen shot of “Luis” from cell phone video.


Peraza indicated he was voting for Peraza, “Luis” then asked Peraza if he could mail his ballot in for him.

When Peraza told him who he was, “Luis” quickly left and proceeded to call someone on his cell phone.

Peraza asked his Dad to follow “Luis,” with Peraza’ dad taking a video of “Luis” on his cell phone.

After the incident, Peraza and Valencia put the word out about “Luis.”

Several more witnesses came forward saying that the man in the video is the same man who tried collecting ballots from them, claiming to be an official from the City.




Screen shot of “Luis.”


The cell phone video is garbled, and “Luis” is talking in Spanish, but some of the conversation could be transcribed.

At one point during the video “Luis” called someone he referred to as (inaudible) and “the other two ladies,” which could indicate a reference to Baca Del Rio and Leon.

The video shows “Luis”  wearing  a blue vest with a badge on the right side.

Transcription of audio from video:

“Luis” (phony election official): He’s got to…. Inaudible…. That’s wrong…. Inaudible…. We’re conscientious of that and are gonna make these votes count for you… This is what I tell them…inaudible….and the other 2 ladies…

Peraza’s Dad to “Luis”: How are you?

“Luis”: Good afternoon, how’s it going?

Peraza’s Dad: Just here.

At that point, Peraza’s dad pretended to be on his phone while following “Luis.”

“Luis” (while on the phone): I tell them everything you’ve done, that you support free buses… Inaudible…. When I see their’s they won’t count…

“Luis” (while on the phone): Am I right? We’re gonna do this to everyone else too… Inaudible… I can see it already…. Inaudible… Okay, I got it… Inaudible… We got several by the park… Inaudible..

With this revealing video, the Commerce City Council race appears to be once again marred by dirty tactics and massive corruption.

But it remains to be seen if the City of the District Attorney will act on the evidence.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that the notorious political operative Angel Gonzales is running the campaigns of Baca Del Rio and Leon.

Gonzalez pled guilty to a felony, which was reduced to a misdemeanor years ago, for mail fraud.

Gonzales worked with convicted felons Ricardo “Ric” Mayer and Albert “Big Al” Robles in South Gate during the huge corruption scandal that landed Robles in federal prison.

Also, HMG-CN exclusively reported two weeks ago that Baca Del Rio and Leon gave long time political consultant Luis Alvarado over $35,000 to run their respective campaigns.

It was an eye-opening amount given the election winners will likely garner only 300-400 votes.

Baca Del Rio and Leon were also instrumental in moving the election from March 2017 to June 2017 to ensure a low voter turn out.

The video of “Luis” can be found below.


  • George Medina says:

    There appears to be prima facie evidence of criminal violations which need to be investigated and prosecuted post haste by the jurisdiction responsible for enforcement of the law, and all individuals knowingly and willingly participating be charged with criminal violations of the law. We have to stop political corruption as soon as it is uncovered to prevent the cancer from spreading further.

  • If Not Now, When? says:

    Nothing ever changes in Commerce. Crooks have been running that place for years squandering millions while accomplishing nothing. Tina, Lilia and Ivan need to go along with City Attorney Eddie Olivo (who is probably paying this “Luis” guy).