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HISTORIC CERRITOS ELECTION 2017: Grace Hu, Mark Pulido, And Frank Yokoyama Move To Take Control Of City Council

In a 3-2 vote, with Hu, Yokoyama, and Pulido voting yes, Hu (left) was appointed as Mayor of Cerritos, removing Naresh Solanki from his Mayor pro tem position. Later, the three, including Yokoyama (far right), voted to place Pulido (center) as Mayor pro tem.


By Brian Hews

Fireworks erupted at this week’s Cerritos City Council Transition event, as newly elected Council members Grace Hu, Frank Yokoyama, and incumbent Mark Pulido moved  to take control of a City Council ruled by the same Republican leadership group for over 25 years.

City Clerk Vida Barone declared the Mayor’s chair vacant; immediately after that Yokoyama nominated Hu, with Pulido seconding the motion.

An audible gasp could be heard from some of the council-members and the chambers.

Councilman Jim Edwards then nominated Solanki as Mayor, saying “the natural progression is for him to be our next Mayor.”

In a 3-2 vote, with Hu, Yokoyama, and Pulido voting yes, Hu was appointed as Mayor of Cerritos.

A loud and long applause filled the Council chambers.

Hu then addressed the crowd and said, “she was very honored to be here;” she also thanked all who helped in her election.

Hu then opened the nomination for Mayor pro tem, Yokoyama once again, in quick fashion, nominated Pulido as Mayor pro tem; Solanki nominated Edwards.

Only a roll call is needed to confirm the Mayor pro tem, and in a 3-2 vote, with Hu, Yokoyama, and Pulido voting yes, Pulido was appointed as Mayor pro-tem.

An audible gasp along with another loud and long applause filled the Council chambers.

As officials were changing the placards that designate position on the council, Edwards asked Mayor Hu if he could speak.

A visibly shocked Edwards, who did not congratulate Hu or Pulido, spoke out saying, ”in the 61 year history of this council each member has been given the opportunity to serve as Mayor Pro Tem and then Mayor, this has been the order of all coming into office, with very few exceptions.” Edwards went on to say, “I feel this is a sad day in many respects. What are we saying about tradition and respect? What has been done this evening is wrong. It is not about personalities. What are we telling our children? The natural progression has been interrupted and Solanki has not been given his fair opportunity. This is not the Cerritos I have lived in. I am very disappointed in what has transpired tonight.”

The applause for Edwards was not nearly as loud as those for Hu, Yokoyama, and Pulido.



Edwards omitted the fact that in 2013, then Cerritos Mayor Barrows and Council-persons Carol Chen and George Ray denied Pulido his appointment of Yokoyama to the Planning Commission.

Hu countered Edwards’ reply saying, “things have changed, it is not a sad day for the city, it is a great day for the City. We have new council-members to work for the City and work for the people, we were elected and received the majority vote to be Mayor and Mayor pro-tem, I congratulate Mark as Mayor pro tem. Mark is a very experienced council-member who works very hard for the City, this is not a sad day.”

An obviously angry Mayor pro tem Pulido then spoke. “Respectfully to my colleague Mr. Edwards, it was a sad day for me when I received an email with a spread spread sheet from someone who is no longer on the city council dictating with who should become Mayor and Mayor pro tem, outside of the public interest.”

Sources are telling HMG-CN the spreadsheet is from Bruce Barrows, sent February 10, 2016, as if Barrows was assuming he was going to get elected in 2017 and choose leaders.

“This was done in a very un-transparent and corrupt way of choosing leaders. It was a sad day when I received that email, but I knew one day, justice would prevail. And that is what we are seeing tonight.”

Pulido went on to slam Barrows again, “I was most saddened recently when a former council member called into question the recent elections and the will of the people. I thought it was the most despicable and horrible act by a former member of this council.”

“What you have seen here today may not be pretty or comfortable, but it is justice.”

Hitting back at Edwards, Pulido finished, “and I might add one more thing, I am glad my children are here to witness this.”

Yokoyama commented, “I can’t believe I am here on the City Council. I was continually attacked, even up until last Monday, by lies and personal attacks about me. I have dreamt for years of receiving the privilege of serving this community. I thank you Cerritos voters for this honor to serve my hometown.”

“Six years ago I was given the opportunity to serve on the Planning Commission; four years ago I was deprived of that right,” (when Barrows, Chen and  Ray removed Yokoyama from his Planning Commissioner seat.)

“Pulido was disrespected, he wanted to place me on the Planning Commission, his council right was disrespected, your right (Mark) to appoint was denied. Thank you Cerritos voters, I am honored to serve my home town, I will work hard for you and I will do my best for you.”




  • Catholic Blessing says:


    Freshly elected Grace Hu trumps mayor pro-temp Salansky out of becoming the new mayor of Cerritos. First time in history that Grace went directly from newly elected council person, to mayor of the city of Cerritos. Grace converted to the Democrat party, she has further plans of running for Senate. Grace spent combined, over $1M to get her Cerritos mayor’s seat back.

    Will Salansky be the first councilperson to retire or resign, compared to Wong and Crawley?

    First time in history we have 3 seated Catholic Council people. First time ever, city has 2 elected Pilipino councilperson. Two CCC are realtors.

    First time in history, (2) council persons denounced former Council Barrow’s, further hurting his chances of ever winning back a Council seat.

    Congresswoman Linda Sanchez ditches Cerritos for Norwalk office, in order to Pander to 2020 redistricting.

    Mean national Spirits caused by Donald Trump, was 100% demonstrated in today’s new Council. First time ever we had three Democratic Council people. Mid term elections, more democrats will regain republican seats.

    The Cerritos Indian population very upset that Salansky was not chosen for mayor. The African American blacks were upset and did not show up at the Mayor Transition.

    Mayor Transition, 60th Anniversary & recent spring festival, had the least amount of past officials in attendance record history. Past councils and commissioners are upset at the composition undertaking in the city.

    First time ever in history that 2 elected Council people have prior blemished political dealings with the city such as Grace and Frank, but voters overlooked this and voted them both in.

    Ret. Don Knabe ( supervisor/ councilman) not honored, council is upset for the renaming of the park from Regional Park to Knabe Park, so snubbed their attendance forevermore.

    Edwards went in to attack mode, over the bypassing of Salonsky, same as the censure of Crawley. Under Prop H, voters may be voting Edwards goodby from illegally seated councilperson.

    Free MAYOR TRANSITION Party at CCPA was poorly attended, majority of the ( R) boycotted the event.

    MAYOR TRANSITION was only attended by Cerritos-Artesia-Lakewood. Boycotted by LP, Cyp, SFS, LH,LM, BF, BP, Dow, which all have attended in years past. Why? Tired of the elected turmoil of the Cerritos council and outrageous over night parking, which is spilling parked cars in to many of the 9 surrounding cities.

  • Cerritos City Wide Pride says:

    Congratulations to Mrs. Hu and Mr. Yokohama; both two finest realtors in 90703.

    What are your plans for the first hundred (100)days. ?

    Hope you make the budget study session for 2018 more accessible to all the residences, and entertain their input, too many residents in the past have been neglected at the podium.

    #1-Balancing the budget is Paramount.

    #2-Reverse the city’s menopause landscape throughout the city, it is most important Chamber of Commerce visual concept, it is the worst ever been in 61 years.


    ABC/ Gavin Riley spoke about the crumbling infrastructure structure; city must come up with some Band-Aids, the city will never have enough money to repair and replace everything, but pray we can do a better job even if we mimic city of La Palma did with the arterial walls. La Palma stucco coated said crumbling blocks.

    #4) Neighborhoods have never look so bad, or housing element is falling from sky, are real estate values are $7,000 and below the city of La Palma, our housing element needs a cure for menopause. People need to start watering their lawns, repair the wood rot on the front of their houses, work on landscaping, and paint the homes. A House Is Not a Home until it’s curb appeal is in shape. City trees are a liability, barrow from the city budget, in order to get all 100% city parkway trees trimmed in 2017 and not roll over for years to come.

    #5) Pray more people participate in the new city-wide Pride program.
    Note the property address and e-mail the photo and contact information to [email protected]. You may also submit the information through the City’s GORequest app on your smartphone.

    fyokoyama @ aol.com;
    grace @ gracehu.com;
    markpulido @ yahoo.com;
    jimedwards123 @ aol.com;