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Screen shot from LBPT’s website that claimed Jim Edwards, Mark Pulido and Sophia Tse were City Council candidates. Edwards and Pulido’s terms end in 2019, Sophia Tse did not campaign during the election. The picture left out other candidates including up-and-comer Anantha Ramachandran.


The Editorial Board of the LBPT actually interviewed candidates for endorsement. Rich Archbold, “Public Editor of the LBPT and Editorial Board member, Southern California News Group,” summoned the candidates to his offices in Long Beach.

HMG-CN was told that during the interviews, Archbold called HMG-CN “that weekly newspaper” and made other disparaging remarks.

“We might be a weekly, but we endorsed the winning candidates, Archbold picked Hu and Vo,” said HMG-CN publisher Brian Hews.

“I can’t imagine what my detractors in the City would say if I ran a picture and caption like LBPT did,” said Hews.






  • Newsprint says:

    Hip newspaper to read is the Long Beach Grunion Gazette.

    Long Beach Press Telegram was purchased by The Daily Breeze and it’s just not with it anymore. Very seldom do they ever print any articles about the city of Cerritos.

    Orange County Register use to write daily storied about Cerritos, but that has seized yrs ago.

    70’s-80’s, LA times would write a story on Cerritos, half page long, every other Wednesdays.

    60-70’s Harold Examiner and Southwest News / Downey, would occasionally write about Dairy Valley.