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Frank Yokoyama Ahead of Chuong Vo by 33 Votes in Cerritos City Council Race

By Brian Hews

Frank Yokoyama.


In one of the closest races in Cerritos history, Frank Yokoyama is ahead of Chuong Vo by 33 votes.

The official results won’t be available until Wed 5 P.M., but it does not bode well for Vo.

According to the City Clerk, there are only 16 ballots remaining.

The semi-official tally as of 3:36 today was: Grace Hu, 3,375; Yokoyama, 3,066; Vo 3,033, and Barrows, 2,197.

HMG-CN had endorsed both candidates Hu and Yokoyama.

Chuong Vo lost again; it was his second attempt for a Cerritos City Council seat.

The count was performed inside City Council chambers today  by the City Clerk.

Vo’s candidacy was supported by Biz Fed, an organization that has nothing to do with Cerritos. Biz Fed sent out two expensive campaign mailers supporting Vo and Bruce Barrows.

Yokoyama, who ran a quiet campaign, was outspent nearly four to one by both Vo and Barrows.

It is unknown if Vo will call for a recount.



  • Rosary says:

    Power in the Rosary.

    First time in history, Cerritos will have three ( 3) Council people who are all Catholic: Frank, Mark, and Grace,

    Just heard that Grace now has given up her Republican name, and she has become adopted Democrat, so this will be the first time we’ll have three (3) Democrats in power. Hope we can get along better, than we have over the last 10 to 20 years, because there’s been a lot of embarrassment brought on my past CCC .

    Diversity is great, but racial diversity can also be ugly to the core. Let’s hope that the mother of the Rosary can bring some peace to the city, to all Races, to all political parties and we can all live in peace and Harmony and grow something; which we haven’t done since the recession.


  • Sorry says:

    Frank will be very good at contract law. Holds 2 lic: Esq-Realtor.

    Vo country of Vietnam, had too many skeletons the older voters in the city of Cerritos could remember. Said war was good-for-nothing Vietnam War, many military men from the United States we’re killed back in 60′-70’s..

    Vo is republican, the republicans scandals from BIAS Fox News and around Trump, voters were tired of the republicans and voted Democratic, FRANK IS OUR MAN!

    Mid year elections, democrats will take back seats, since the ( R ) have done nothing first 100 days of office.