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Commerce Based BIZ FED Once Again Influencing Cerritos’ Election Spending Thousands; Did BIZ FED Illegally Coordinate With Candidate?


By Brian Hews

Once again a business organization that has no ties to the city of Cerritos has injected itself into a local election supporting two candidates with direct mailed campaign flyers and using over $10,000 in funds from its political action committee.

It is unknown if all members of Biz Fed approve of such expenditures.

And the organization could land itself in legal hot water as it appears that they coordinated with candidate Bruce Barrows on certain information in the mailers.

Coordination between a political action committee and a candidate is a violation of Fair Political Practices Commission laws, and carries heavy penalties and fines.

The Commerce based Biz Fed, and their political action committee, touts itself as an organization that helps “advance business interests in LA County.”

Yet the organization endorsed Bruce Barrows and Chong Vo, both of whom have no business experience.




SUPPORT FROM OUTSIDE SOURCE: Part of the mailer that hit Cerritos homes today from Biz Fed’s political action committee, Barrows is shown with his grandkids. HMG-CN blurred their faces, in the mailer that Biz Fed sent out, their faces were not blurred.



As one observer noted, “the two have never signed the front of a check; Barrows has had one job in his life, and not very long, and Vo is a cop, they don’t know what it is to be a business owner, why is this organization endorsing and spending a ton of money on them?”

Biz Fed endorsed the two over Grace Hu and Frank Yokoyama, both of whom have business experience, with Yokoyama once owning his own business, while Hu is a very successful and wealthy business women.

Biz Fed, who’s CEO can be seen on their website posing with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, is a Republican leaning organization, so Yokoyama’s spurn comes as no surprise.





Biz Fed’s rejection of Hu raised eyebrows in certain circles as she is a Republican and business oriented

The mailer hit Cerritos homes today and contained patently false information, once again throwing into question the motives of Biz Fed.

In a statement underneath a picture of Barrows with his wife and grandkids, Biz Fed stated, “Bruce is a proven leader, he will ensure a balanced budget…”

As was revealed by HMG-CN last week, while Barrows was a City Councilman and Mayor of Cerritos between 2009 and 2015, the expenses of the City exceeded its revenues by $47 million, averaging $6 million in losses per year.

Yet Biz Fed stated Barrows would, “ensure a balanced budget.”



FALSE STATEMENT: The Biz Fed flyer stated “he will ensure a balanced budget.” While Barrows was a City Councilman and Mayor of Cerritos between 2009 and 2015, the expenses of the City exceeded its revenues by $47 million, averaging $6 million in losses per year. 


Vo was a commissioner on the Cerritos Planning Commission and approved many of the projects that caused the deficit spending during Barrows tenure.

Illegal Coordination?

The timing of the mailer is also suspect as it was delivered to Cerritos homes today, and is the second mailer by Biz Fed in the last four weeks.

The FPPC dictates that candidates cannot coordinate in any way with a political action committee such as Biz Fed.

But a very personal picture on the mailer shows Barrows posing with his wife and grandkids strongly indicating that Biz Fed coordinated with Barrows, which is an FPPC violation.



WHERE DID BIZ FED GET THIS PICTURE: A picture of Barrows with his wife and grandkids.



The special election is tomorrow April 11, with the top four candidates, Barrows, Hu, Yokoyama, and Vo locked in a tight race.

Emails into Barrows went unreturned as of the time of publication.





  • Soccer dad says:


    We are voting for the best candidate, we are not voting for wives, we’re not voting for retired LA County Supervisor, and it’s just sick and pathetic; Bruce would stoop so low to photograph intimacy of his grand kids.How low down can you get. This should thoroughly be investigated for voter fraud and child labor laws.

    Ret. Cerritos Planning Commissioner, Rosemary Economy, appointee of Bruce, was correct when she dumped Bruce, prior to relocation to Palm Springs.

    Bruce hooked up with slate in past with Bob Hughlett, Carol and Grace, in order to get inner racial voter response. This time Bruce is Vietnamese Vo sugar daddy. Vo is just career side stepping to become Torrance Police Captain, he thinks he can climb the ranks faster, if he becomes council person elected.

    Leaves ones imagine to wonder, what more does a young policemen desire from a Coronal Sanders old fart or does he like the mothering from old fat married woman?

    Bruce must have had a facial stroke during his brain tumor surgery, his eyes are out of tune with each other, so the facial muscles must have been severed. Was the tumor the effect from the near fatal assault to resident Jay Gray, where Bruce nearly killed him, or was Jay in the way to get to slate boy Vo?

  • Sunshine Park says:

    Strange n odd?

    How come Bruce Barrows has no website for election 2017?

    How come Bruce Barrows has no endorsement from any of the hundred plus City Council Members over the last 60+ years?

    Where is his Facebook, sounds like his platform is stuck back in the 60’s?

    Sounds like Biz Fed was orchestrated by leads from Knabe and George Ray and the Cerritos Republican Optimist Club.

    Thersea Barrows, his wife, Ret. employee of ABCUSD should know better about exploiting children in to politics.

  • I am surprised by Hews News in printing this misspelled, facially and physically degrading letter sent by Soccer Dad. What does a persons physical appearance or husband/wife physicality have to do with leadership? I do not know the people assumed here but it seems like emotions are taking control.

    • Soccer dad says:

      Ginger Johnson

      When a photo is publish to brand one person being elected, and persons face are used to brand that image, it is fair play for all four subjects in the photograph to be criticized by the public.

      Photos can speak million words in all tongues, so there is a medical problem with Bruce face, which only speculates he may/ may not have medical issues which could compensate his duties as council person.

      Furthermore, in this photo, the two babies are blurred out, but in reality, the photo which was mail to all residences in the city of Cerritos, the two babies look like they’re impaired or retarded babies, but since his photograph did not show their babies faces, decided not to address that subject. Disgusting, if they are impaired, to flaunt and advertise 2 underage juveniles, so G Daddy Barrows can make money off of them, since the elected position comes with wages, wages, wages……… and he already has Medical Insurance to the grave clause, which can not be revoked.

      Persons image does sell, it must mean enough to the Barrow’s family, to have all four people selling they’re brand, for one Council seat.

      If you care to address the emotion arena: 1:1 trips with Carol Chen, trips to Europe to research trains, physical / brutal attack to resident Jay Gray body & the list can go to infinity.