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Cerritos resident David Yamauchi.


Deputies are on the lookout for three men wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery in Cerritos.

HMG-CN obtained a picture of an 11:30 Wednesday night post on Facebook by David Yamauchi who  said, “Was working in my garage with the door open for air. Black male late teens / early 20s came in and had me at gunpoint. Kept telling me to shut up then struck me over the head twice with his revolver. Two other males went through my front door and held my wife at gunpoint. Got spooked and left without stealing anything. Lock your front door all the time and be vigilant these criminals are getting pretty bold and brazen

The Cerritos Sheriff Station responded to the home invasion robbery at about 11 p.m. in the 4600 block of El Rancho Verde Dr.

Deputies said that they were all black men, between 25 and 35 years old, about 5 feet 10 inches tall . They all wore a hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over their heads.

Sheriff’s officials released no further details regarding the crime on Thursday.


  • Barbi Walker says:

    Many television trucks & vans outside 4662 El Rancho Verde, Cerritos, and also parked on the grass in n El Rancho Verde Park, Cerritos, behind the house which had the home invasion. This home recently just sold and these are the new buyers.

    Few yrs ago, man was murdered in the Cerritos garage across the street from this home and another wife was murdered few blocks from this home invasion, but in La Palma section of this tract. Then the tract had the national Dorner murder spree, that tract is Poseidon in murders.

    Last year, one of the first mayors in La Palma, had a heart attack and died in the park behind the home invasion victims house. Ret. Mayor died instantly while walking his pet white poodle, shortly after daybreak in El Rancho Verdes Park. RIP!

    Then Cerritos Ret. Councilperson, Bruce Barrows friends, just recently died on El Rancho Verdes, Cerritos. They were brother and sister living in the same dwelling for many decades.

    For a small 2 square mile city, why is this area targeted with hi volume of deaths?

    Many news feeds are reporting, this invasion crime, could be linked to the 2 Whittier crimes, which happened hrs beforehand.

  • Tom Watry says:

    I’m sorry but that street is LA PALMA not Cerritos

    • Sharon Street Resident says:

      From Spotcrime.com
      Sheriffs records:

      04/05/2017 11:00 PM

      Case number: 017-01806-2314.

    • Emerald Villa says:

      The county line for Los Angeles/ Orange County is very irregular on both sides of the Los Coyotes flood control.

      Some of it is La Palma, and some of it is Cerritos, and a zig zag back and forth. This is irregular boundary lines was created in the early 1900’s, when Corp of Engineers, constructed Los Coyotes flood control, they tried to make it more straight, to follow the water line or the shoreline for the flood control. Hence we have streets which have 2 counties and share 2 cities

      Bottom line, these irrieg. boundaries go in and out of streets and neighborhoods, it starts being irregular as far north in Los Coyotes Hills, and far south to Seal Beach. Many sections of Seal Beach /Los Alamitos, wander in and out of Long Beach, just like the city of Cerritos goes in and out of La Palma. And vice a versa.

      Even more confusing, condo developments are separated in to 2 cites/2 counties.