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Feb. 10, 2016 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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  • Cerritos Peace Officers says:

    RE:—- S h e r i f f s ——

    Cerritos residents “Have woken us up, to how fragile our security is in the city.”


    During this epic and drooling 5 hour CCC episode, discussing both the sheriff and a helicopter, majority of the speakers from the audience spoke in favor of keeping both. Hmmmmm, Nobody really waved a magic wand, to orchestrate to the city council, how to finance both projects. Everybody pleaded for more safety.

    Sounds logical the Cerritos sheriffs and helicopter come with a hi price tag, more then our revenue stream from sales tax, we have in place. Bottom line, city has to live with less and sheriffs have to spend less time running radar and giving out traffic citations, and start spending more time; deeply patrolling the neighborhoods for crime prevention.

    The city only nets $187K from MV citation, —B U T— residents have lost greater then $1M (+++) in burglaries and robberies.

    Furthermore, thinking outside the lines, if a MV ticket is given, in the city of Cerritos, sheriffs should add on an assessment fees, to help pay for the breached Public Works throughout the city.

    Nobody is addressing the public works and paying for the helicopter and the sheriff. Everybody could support it, but the Fine Line, we need an award winning bank account, to pay for all this and we don’t have any magic bank accounts to draw from.

    “Cerritos resident have the right to live our lives, in Cerritos safely, with or without, the sheriffs.,” Maybe the CCC should investigate, in a sheriff station central monitoring program, via Smart Phone Apps, , free of charge, for all of the 15,000 homes in Cerritos, which have a burglar alarm systems wired to the sheriff’s station. Alarms and video cams, are even greater then the eyes in the sky from any helicopter or sending a possee of BnW cars to the crime scene.

    City needs no parking 24/7 on residential streets, except by placard parking, in order to stop stray cars from parking and robbing our homes and hoods. If a car is parked on residential street in 90703, mandatory the car be towed away. This program will eliminate parking ordinance between 3am-5am, because any legally parked car between those hrs, will have a placard on display.

    One of these days, the unchecked Cerritos crime, is going to be in the lap of one of the many CCC over the decades, as city is ripe for burglary and murder combination.

    Councilperson Mark Pulido said it best: “City is racially divided and not getting along between races, our streets are not safe anymore, because of the deep seeded hate for (Republicans -VS- Democrats ) and all of the asian immigration chaos, between homes up and down the block”.


  • Residences Stop Burglarizies says:


    Many neighborhoods in Cerritos, have had surge in Burglaries and robberies.. Residential-Car burglaries, Burglaries can lead: Murders-Rapes-Ransom-Home Invasions.. Sheriffs said our worse enemy, dark streets, every home needs motion lite over the garage area, so sheriffs & neighbors can self- patrol neighboring homes. Corner wrap-around block walls, not our friends; neither is many homeless in flood control , river beds, freeway easements. Why us? We created a friendly landscape for burglars, because homes are easy targets; frankly, we have little security architecture measures in place, word has gotten out! Citywide, Burglaries have increased 10%.

    Here are some suggestions to secure your home from BURGLARIES/ROBBERIES.

    1. App for alarms on smart phones, lets you know, when intruder on property.
    2. Artificial Plants are your friends for hiding alarms & video cams.
    3. Attic & garage attics are your friends. Utilize both areas.
    4. Automatic LED lights- Interior- Exterior. ( Superbrightleds.com)
    5. Battery flood lights with motion detector.
    6. Bolt/ screw artwork frames to drywalls.
    7. Cars parked close to frt door walkway, inaccessible for burglars to carry out loot.
    8. Central Alarm Monitoring or alarm with sirens on the roof; backup battery.
    9. Chain lock PC-Stereo-TV; to Large furniture; plus GPS chip.
    10. Column pilaster secure-Lockable box. Said Box at frt door entryway, for receiving FedEx & UPS packages.
    11. Cow bells placed on doors-gates.
    12. Curbside Mail Box Locks.
    13. Decoys: Place broken: Laptops-Jewelry-Cameras-faux toy Guns, by entryway foyer; so these are taken in smash n grab. Fake money/ clips is now your friend for decoy.
    14. Door mats with battery audio sirens.
    15. Double Keyed Deadbolt door locks on all interior doors-closet doors. Stop circulation by burglars.
    16. Electric garage Doors- dead bolt locked from inside. Hide remotes & remove from cars.
    17. Electric-rolling Steel Security Window Shutters- Example: 18305 Summer St., Artesia, Ca.
    18. Engraving spec. items, so cannot be resold when stolen.
    19. Faux-fake TV screens running at night.
    20. Garage tool boxes, locked/chained to wall studs or concrete bolts.
    21. Garaged cars are your friends. Garage side door, install steel security screen door and bars over small glass inserts.
    22. Gates- Locked, plus gate extension panels on top, stops jumping over.
    23. Google cloud your address/DMV plates on line.
    24. Gorilla Glue or Attach belongings w/ small angle iron bracing straps. Earthquake straps-burglar proofing wares.
    25. Hide bleach, burglar’s thro on carpet/ clothes closet to ruin your materials.
    26. Horizontal driveway apron parking, stop cars from being pulled /towed & stolen out of driveways n garages. Lux cars taken to docks; Chain lock 2 cars together in driveway. Use Club on steering wheel.
    27. HVAC grills are your friends for camouflaging or hiding alarms, sirens & video cams.
    28. Install break proof window-tint, which cannot be broken during smash n grab. One-way tint is great, burglars cannot see in. ( Amazon.com)
    29. Irrigation timers programmed at different times, to confuse burglars; can run off your smart phone.
    30. Join Neighborhood Watch | Spotcrime.com | Safercerritos.com .
    31. Keep Frt. Door LED Light on all night long.
    32. Key chain remote control for: lights or all electric devices.
    33. Large oversize Baker shelfs or furniture, placed in front of glass windows, stop entry for burglars.
    34. Lock or screw lock, electric fuse box panels.
    35. Master-bedroom should not be store-all for valuables, use other space to store personal pricey items.
    36. Motion detector with siren.
    37. Motion Lights on Garage doors and frt doors, patios & staircase. Sheriff said this is must for their patrol during night.
    38. Paint frt door and exterior frt foyer, ultra-white oil base paint, so neighbors can see & patrol your frt. Oil base paint leaves great fingerprints.
    39. Paint your address n street name on: Roof- Patios-Shed, so helicopters can see from air.
    40. Panic Button with siren.
    41. Patio furniture /chain locked to stop homeless from stealing. Chain lock patio pots. Stop hanging clothes to dry, homeless are stealing.
    42. Philips n Google smart alarms: Best Buys, Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight & Fry’s.
    43. Phony safes emptied, are your friend for smash n grab.
    44. Photos of your homes Interior, keep off internet, especially off realtor MLS- Pinterest-Facebook. Don’t advertise your location. Meet from Craigslist at safe-heaven, don’t give address.
    45. Pool lights left on, are deterrents, along w/ motion sensor detector pool lights & fountains.
    46. Radio placed by frt door, to sound like people talking inside. Loud Talk Radio voices, running in background, scare doorbell burglars away.
    47. Real estate open house, big no no!
    48. Rods placed in all window sills/ jambs; plus metal screw locks in jambs.
    49. Sheds locked all times, not for stealing, stop burglars from hiding.
    50. Smart phone apps, are accessible world-wide, one burglary was noticed in France; LP Police caught them in our hood stealing.
    51. Solid wood doors w/ double keyed deadbolts.
    52. Steering Wheel lock placed over frt door handles.( CLUB)
    53. Tear up trash can boxes, bags, stop ID branding purchases for trash divers. Bloomingdale, Neiman Marcus shouts out to burglars, this house has $$$ goods to steal.
    54. Thorny Landscape Horticulture is your friend for hiding wireless cameras, wireless lights & securing property.
    55. Timers, timers & more timers, scares burglaries. Smart Digital Automation timers are cheap.
    56. Trim shrubs by doors, windows n entries, so burglars cannot hide & peep.
    57. Umbrella stand filled with toy riffles (Toys-R-Us) Burglars will take, think real.
    58. Video Cams hidden, as get smashed in burglaries, per our street of Burglaries.
    59. Video Door Bell connected to smart phones or to interior monitoring.
    60. Wall extension trellis grills/panels on your property, stops thieves from jumping fences for get-a-ways.
    61. Weekly detailed Gardening, shouts house is occupied and stop employing day labor pools.