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REPORT: Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Raids Occurring in Downey Today


HMG-CN has been told by reliable sources that Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are conducting raids in Downey.

We are attempting to gather more information and will update when available.


Received a letter from Christopher Sanchez  at CHIRLA:

I wanted to give you a heads up. We have received information that ICE raids are happening right now in the cities of Van Nuys, Downey, San Bernardino, and Santa Paula. We know the following about the raids:

  • ICE is going to people’s home.
  • People that are being targeted have existing orders of deportation, and old removal orders.
  • Those involved in the sweep have no prior criminal convictions.
  • We are estimating that there is 100 people that have been affected

We are asking legislative offices to contact ICE’s Los Angeles regional office Chief Counsel Sandra Anderson (213) 894 – 2805 or (213) 830 – 7911 (This office is responsible for Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside). We are asking to request the following information:

  • How many folks have they detained/arrested in the raids today
  • Did local law enforcement participate or assist?
  • Is there any detainees with medical conditions? If so can they be released on humanitarian reasons.

If your district office needs assistance answering any questions feel free to contact our Policy Director Joseph Villela (323) 559 – 6954 or our Political Director Polo Morales at (213) 308 – 9977.

We will be hosting a press conference tomorrow denouncing the raids at the CHIRLA office in Los Angeles at 9AM.


  • Paul Farley says:

    Dear Editor,

    As you were kind enough to print the press release of the immigration advocate how about a follow-up and as why her group is demanding the release of child molesters, drug traffikers, and such and why they should remain on the streets of America.

    Also ask her if she thinks the Feds need her permission to make any arrest, and it really would make sense to warn illegals ion advance that there was going to be an operation soon.

    What a bunch a dopes at CHIRLA.