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Do You Want a Dog Park in Cerritos?

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  • Cerritos Resident 42 Yrs says:


    Talked to P&R a couple weeks ago on this subject, said that they never looked into consideration for the Cerritos Golf Course- ironwood, for a place to do a dog park.

    A week or two ago, stopped off at the golf course and talked to some of the personnel, they said they could construct a chain link fence along a perimeter, and would work perfect. Staffers said that they could monitor the hours of the dog park to parallel the hours of operation of the golf course, and could also monitor the dog park very easily, if there’s any negativity coming from the dog park, since they have gardeners working the golf course all day long.

    This makes sense, but why hasn’t this area been evaluated before, I don’t know. This is a commercial area, and it’s also grounded out by the noise of the Reclamation of reclaimed water in the background, so that also mutes out the noise. I think this could be an ideal area .

    Surface road connecting along the west side of the 605 , is designated for Cerritos Porn alley or X- rated businesses. Maybe a dog park, plus the x- rated businesses, would bring more attendees to Ironwood GC. Porn shops could bring in some extra sales tax revenue for the city.

    Also think the city corporate yard, off of Marquardt, ( N Cerritos) could be host to a dog park, since this is zoned commercially. Corporate Yard has been home to many recent burglaries of city equipment. Activity from a dog park, could self patrol the Corporate Yard after hours.