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Cerritos Realtor Mario Gonzalez Arrested in Escrow Fraud Scheme That Netted Over $500K


By Brian Hews

A Cerritos man was arrested for taking part in a two-year escrow fee scam that stole over $500,000 from over 30 victims.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Mario Gonzalez, a broker at MCR Escrow, located at 1800 Studebaker Road #700 on Thursday.

The office was apparently just a rented space, Gonzalez worked “by appointment only.”

Researching further, Hews Media Group found another MCR Realty address at 8351 Denni St in Cypress, California, which is a single family residence.

Gonzalez, 45, is suspected of participating in the scam that involved homes that were fraudulently listed as short-sale properties, investigators in the fraud bureau said.

The alleged scheme required buyers to pay escrow fees to secure a property after they submitted a bid, but the sales were never finalized nor were the fees returned to the victims.

There was several recent complaints about Gonzalez on highlighting the alleged scheme.

On person wrote, “’IM ALSO A VICTIM of Mario Gonzalez/ MCR Realty.
I was on escrow for 11 months on a short sale property in Fontana. I gave $10,000 deposit and just a month ago I found out on the internet about all Mario Gonzalez FRAUDS. I went to talk to the seller of the property I was on escrow and the owner of the house told me that his property wasn’t for sale and it never was. I tried to contact Mario Gonzalez or Peter Martinez the escrow officer but now they don’t answer the phone and don’t return my emails. The last time that I spoke to Alyssa Logan she told me she would email me the cancellation but she never did. I went to his office and I was told that they just rent a space on the suite. They work by appointment only.I already filed a complaint with the DRE Department and a report with Cerritos Police Department. I don’t understand how these people are free, they should not be doing business and should be arrested for defrauding clients.I know I’m not the only victim, there are more out there. Hey guys please contact me to talk and see what can we do together.”

Investigators are asking the public’s help identifying other victims. Anyone with information about the crime is can contact Detective Keith Clark at 562-946-7217.

Gonzalez is currently being held in lieu of a $70,000 bail at the Norwalk Sheriff Station



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7 Comments on "Cerritos Realtor Mario Gonzalez Arrested in Escrow Fraud Scheme That Netted Over $500K"

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Samantha Yates Yates Treise
Samantha Yates Yates Treise

And by the way mr know it all mcr does not stand for maria gonzalez.getyou facts was mcr before he even knew her.stupid.

Samantha Yates Yates Treise
Samantha Yates Yates Treise
Boy oh boy.I dont even know where to start with you people.Mario Gonzalez is one of the most honest loyal caring unselfish charitable person i have ever known.i have known him for20 plus years.he has worked and struggled to get to where he is 100 percent hard work.this guy has a heart of gold and he would never ever ever do anything like this.ever!!!i lost my home and. I was having to stay in my car and he after learning bought me a 37 ft rv to live in.never asking for a people have the wrong guy.he is the… Read more »
Vickie Blackwell

That is so sad! This MCR group should be in jail for 20yrs. Raise his bail to something un-payable. Crooks to take advantage of people for personal $$. I meet him once he is arrogant disgusting and rude told my challenged husband to go F himself because my husband asked him a question. Hell is to good for him!

Marcy Accola
My neighbor is a victim of the scammer Mario Gonzalez through MCR Realty. This victim is a 65 year old man with major health problems and so therefore i have also filed an elder abuse report with social services. The house was foreclosed in October 2016 at a short sales and supposedly auctioned off through out a five year period. He was taking the mortgage money and pocketing it and did not pay the bank. The check was made out to his wife Maria Gonzalez (might want to check her out too). And an Adolfo Gonzalez (which might be one… Read more »

His wife is Maria Ramirez of MGR Realty? MGR standing for Maria Gonzalez Ramirez.


Hi, Did you neighbor recovered his money? I am also a victim and I am looking for some advice about what else to do.

Maria Chamberlain

Only a few people were able to recover their funds, by filing a claim through E & O insurance but policy is no longer active. Now a judgement has to be acquired in order to get paid through FRAUD funds with BRE. Scammed was orchestrated through Mario Gonzalez, Maria Ramirez Gonzalez, Ana Ramirez, Celestino Mercado, Blanca Gonzalez Schoneke, Peter Martinez and many others. Victims are over 480 and still counting. Funds taken from victims are in the millions.