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Some Fun Facts About Los Cerritos


First Lady Pat Nixon works with a florist on flower settings in the White House.


Source: Wikimedia

As the year comes to an end and in a festive spirit, we have thought about taking a look back at the famous people from Los Cerritos, as well as at different films that were shot here that you might not know about.

Perhaps the most famous notable person from Los Cerritos is the late former First Lady Pat Nixon, whose statue can be visited at Pat Nixon Park. Patricia Nixon Elementary high school also pays tribute to Richard Nixon’s wife. Thelma Catherine “Pat” Nixon grew up in Cerritos with her two brothers, and between 1914 and 1931 her home was located on the corner of Ely Avenue and South Street. Before becoming the First Lady, this memorable woman worked her way up by having several jobs. Years later, she was also in charge of promoting many charitable causes, in addition to being responsible for acquiring the largest collection of historic art for the White House. She has gone down in history as a respectable figure, and in Los Cerritos she is remembered as such.

Many may not know who Johnny Chan is, but this card playing super star, winner of 10 Bracelets at World Series is well known around the globe. Born in China in 1957, Chan – whose nickname is Orient Express – moved to America in 1968 and resided in Los Cerritos, although now he lives in Nevada. He has also appeared in famous films such as the 1998 Rounders (Matt Damon), in which he played himself.


Kirsten Vangsness star of Criminal Minds is from Cerritos.

The first Cerritos native included in this list is Boyz n the Hood and Rosewood TV series star Morris Chestnut. The actor attended Richard Gahr High School and started his acting career in the 90s. Other notable residents – and natives – of Cerritos that are in the film industry are Korean actress Han-Ye Seul (Miss Gold Digger) and (Criminal Minds), in addition to Blind Date host Roger Lodge.


A series of sports players are also among Los Cerritos natives and residents. A few of them include Rickey Cradle, Ben Howard, Shane Mack and Jim Zorn. But our city is not only the hometown of celebrities: Los Cerritos has also been featured in many legendary films. Do you remember the 1993 science fiction comedy Coneheads? Well, the town appeared in this emblematic movie, as it did in She’s All That (starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook) and TV series McAllister Affair, not to mention Mike Myers’ famous 1992 comedy Wayne’s World.

So this Christmas, as you take a stroll across Los Cerritos, try to look up where these stars used to – or still – live. Pat Nixon Park will be an adventure in itself – keep in mind that it is also the site of where she used to live – before taking a relaxing walk across the Cerritos Sculpture garden. Later on, why not have a film revival night watching three classic oldies trying to identify in which scenes our city was featured?

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