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Maywood stalker, rapist still on the loose

A rape in Maywood could be connected to the same person that started back in October local sheriffs Deputy’s are saying.

The assaults started early October but the latest one reported November 13 was forcible rape.

 The man is described as a  Hispanic,  thin, 18 to 20 years, old 5 foot 25 foot five in height.

The attacker enters the house in the predawn hours, Deputy suspect given the pattern of break-ins, that it is the same person.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for the capture of the attacker. Anyone with information is asked to contact detective Hector Andujo at 323-981-5051 or the on-duty watch commander at 323-264-4151.

  • The editor needs to stop relying on spell check. The word should be “stalker” not “stocker”