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OP/ED: Central Basin Division Four Director Leticia Vasquez’ Trail of Corruption


The trail of corruption left by Central Basin Division Four Director Leticia Vasquez is unparalleled for a local politician, as documented by Hews Media Group-Community News since 2012.

Vasquez was recalled from Lynwood City Council on 2007, but somehow was elected to the Central Basin Board in 2012.

It did not take long for her to team up with newly elected James Roybal and incumbent Bob Apodaca to start wreaking havoc and paying her friends back for getting her elected.

Friends like Ricardo “Ric” Mayer, a convicted felon, and Angel Gonzales, a man who was convicted of a felony but pled down to a misdemeanor.

Between her and James Roybal they owed Mayer and Gonzales over ±$30,000 in 2012 campaign debt.

Other campaign contributors such as Ernie Camacho of Pacifica Services, and her friend Jasmine Cannick also saw payback.

Shortly after Vasquez’ election, she started down the path of corruption.

The documented path begins here…. hopefully it ends on Nov. 8, 2016.


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